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United Nations Celebration: What Country To Choose

This month’s school activity includes United Nation’s celebration and that means a busy month for finding a national costume for whatever country my Little Zoie might be representing.

The school adviser has sent out letter of notification this week to inform us that we can choose what country our kids will represent.  Of course for practical moms, they would want something not-so-expensive costume their kids would wear.  Just like last year, they are still doing a fashion show for the program.  The kids and one parent, or guardian, would walk down the catwalk and show off their costume.  That means both models should be wearing a UN country’s costume.  Too extravagant, right?  That’s why I am one of many moms whom didn’t prepare a costume that day.

See Little Zoie’s last year’s UN costume, Little Zoie at the middle, representing the country of Finland.

This year, I’m still thinking of a country in which I will only be spending less Php 500.00 in costume and shoes.  I think that it is not practical to spend too much knowing that she’ll be only wearing it once, right?  As for the parent’s costume, my costume, I wouldn’t be able to walk the catwalk with my Little Zoie this year.  I will be attending her school event along with baby Matti (carry him and give him milk as he demands), so I’m in no position to walk with her.  Instead, I’m thinking of asking my sister-in-law to walk with her.  I also need to inform her that she’ll be wearing a costume as well.  I’m agree to this.

Kids are also asked if they want to participate in the talent portion last year in which my Little Zoie excitedly joined.  This year I am yet to ask her if she wants to show her talent again.

More updates about our preparation progress in the days to come.

Our First Homework: Colors

The homework that I don’t want to be doing is cutting pictures. Lols!

Well, I’m just helping my Little Zoie with her homework which involves cutting and of course, as young as herself, she can’t be the one doing all the cutting.  Just like she says, ‘it’s not safe for kids to hold sharp objects’.

I don’t want this kind of homework because I am not sure if we have enough old magazines or brochures which we can cut pictures of.  Last year, I always buy posters for her cutting projects and homework.  For me it will be cost-saving and practical to recycle magazines.  Keep them and whenever needed, we will cut them.

Anyway, yesterday’s homework is to cut objects in the colors of red, blue and yellow, the primary colors.



Last year, whenever there’s a homework involving cutting pictures, I always do all the tasks:  finding pictures, cutting, pasting them in paper or notebook and Little Zoie will do the writing task.  But now, I’m trying to make her involve in her cutting homework.  Yesterday I made her find objects with the colors needed.  I cut and put some glue.  She stick the cut pictures with glue it on her notebook and wrote the words: RED, BLUE and YELLOW on the top portion.  She needs to be more involve in this kind of homework.

This is just the first cutting-picture homework, there’ll be a lot more cutting-pictures homework to come!

We did this homework while baby Matti’s sleeping.  You know I can’t do a lot when the little guy is awake, right?

Color Connection #35

When Does Your School Starts?

Some of the students, I heard, have already started their classes since last week.  Most of them started yesterday, along with Yca’s class.  But for Little Zoie, they’ll be starting their school year next week, June 17.

Honestly, we still haven’t bought her school supplies yet.  Why?  There is only one reason why we haven’t bought yet: I am not assured that when I asked hubby to pick up Little Zoie’s school stuff he’ll get the right ones, even though it is in the list.  I’ll have a peace of mind if I’ll be the one buying her school stuff.

Hopefully, I can get a chance to get out of the house without tagging along baby Matti.  The little one is purely breastfeed and I can’t stay out of the house for a long time, only an hour or two.  Anyway, I could get a chance next week, on her first week of classes.


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