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The importance of taking children to the dentist can’t be overestimated. By the time they are a year old, children should be established with a dentist, and some parents begin taking their children to the dentist the minute the first tooth breaks through (usually around 6 months of age). These are according to the recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, an organization that helps to guide professionals AND parents to the right dental care for their children.

Matti's 1st Dental VisitZoie’s little brother on his first dental visit.


I’m a bit surprise as to what triggered Little Zoie’s chicken pox episode because I haven’t encountered anyone who has chicken pox from the previous days.  It started two days ago.

Though it might be scary for a little kid to have these, I had these when I was 8 years old, but nowadays, with the help of vaccines there’s no need to get worried for any complications it might bring. So far, Zoie only experienced not-that-high fever for a couple of hours and it have not come back yet.

Also, we have not put any creams or ointment for suppressing its occurence thus we are just letting it come out.  The only plan I have in mind is for her not to scratch it or else it will live a nasty mark.  Well, we have creams for those marks anyway.

She doesn’t want me post a picture of her with chicken pox in my Facebook account but I had to post this here in her online diary.  This is what her blog is for, right?



The weather we are experiencing is not good to a child’s health, that’s why I keep on boosting Little Zoie’s immune system by giving her lots of vitamin C and food that are rich with it.

But I guess those boosting is not enough because on our second day of Little Zoie’s 3rd Quarterly exams, we are down with fever.  The fever is not high but it comes with a dry cough and no colds… And I know this weather is the culprit and still my little one has low immune system.  🙁

Anyway, I informed her teacher that we can’t take her exams today and asked if there’s a schedule for special exams.  We will just be taking up the missed subject next week, but right now we still need to fight off the fever.

Get well my little darling.