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Happy Birthday, Maxene!

This is a late post.

Happy Birthday, Maxene!

maxene bday

My classmate Maxene is the very first one among my class to celebrate her birthday.  Just like last year, we had fun celebrating her birthday in school.  We had a couple of games, ate her simple feasts and got small toys from her loot bag.  Mom was not with me so no more other pictures for the simple party.  It’s just a pose with my gift and the goodies inside my loot bag.


Loot Bags and Prizes

Last weekend, Saturday, Little Zoie has attended two kids’ birthday parties in one day.  It was one hectic day for the little one.  ^_^

First birthday party was her little cousin, Louie.  Louie just turned 1 on September 8 and the party was held at Festival Supermall’s Pixie Forest on 3rd floor.  Little Zoie participated in the games, so she got lots of prizes.


As for the second birthday, I was not with her, her Lola’s boss’ son, Wi-J, turned 2 and she was invited.  Her Lola and aunts are the ones with her.  The party was held in one of Jollibee’s branch in Manila.  According to my Little Zoie, she did not participated in any games, maybe because she doesn’t know any kids.  All she got is just the loot bag.


The left side of the table are Little Zoie’s prizes and loot bag from the first birthday.  She got a lot because she and her team won most of the games.  Right side is from the second birthday party, it seems Jollibee’s loot bag is not much anymore.


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My Birthday Party…

I just turned 4 years old last Sunday, and I’m thanking mommy and daddy for the birthday party they organized for me. ^_^ I know mommy said it wasn’t too much, but for me it was already a fun day for me.  I’m happy as long as my cousins and little friends are present on my birthday, although some didn’t make it.

In mommy’s previous post, my first activity that day was kite flying with Lolo King and Tita P, read the story here.  I know mommy was busy the whole day, I’ve seen her so busy cooking and preparing for my birthday, even when I woke up from my afternoon nap she’s still walking around. :-)

As mommy preparing me for my party, I keep on asking where’s Tita Yca, daddy’s youngest cousin and my best friend.  We literally grow up together. :-)

The party was held at my Lolo King’s house, just a couple streets away from our little apartment.  My first guest were daddy’s side of the family, Lolo Daddy, Lola Mommy, Ninang CB and Tita CM.  My cousin Kinah was staying at Lolo King’s sister, her Lola, just on the next door.  They’re living in one compound.

Photobucket Photobucket

Lolo Daddy was entertaining us using Tita P’s guitar. ^_^ I’m singing ‘Bahay Kubo’ here, while Kinah’s not in the mood to sing along with me.

Small number of invited guests were coming in but Yca hasn’t arrived yet and mommy and daddy said it’s getting late already. They’re worried guests are getting hungry and we are not starting the party, but I wanted to see Yca before the party starts.  We didn’t started the party, no blowing of candles yet, not until Yca arrived.

So when Yca arrived, they made me blow the candle on my birthday cake! ;-)


I so love my birthday cake… ♥♥♥

Photobucket Photobucket
We have a tradition that every little kid can blow a birthday candle even though its not their birthday. Just for fun, they say. This tradition started with Yca and me. By the way, Yca is just 2 months older than me. ^_^ I let Kinah blow my candle…

I wanted Yca and Lexie, the other little girl mommy invited, she’s my new friend and Tita Tin’s daughter, to blow my candle as well but they didn’t want to… :-(

Of course, after the candle blowing… I didn’t mind the adults, I just tagged along the kids and went outside to play! ^_^

Here are some pictures of my birthday, while the pictures of the feast are posted on mommy’s food blog, Bonz World – My Kitchen World.



 (l-r) Ninang CB, Lolo Daddy, Tita CM, Lola Mommy and Yca’s older brother, Tito EJ


 Lexie and Tita Tin


(l-r) Yca’s mom, and Yca’s older sister, Ninang Yssa


(l-r) Lola Mama, Kinah’s mom Tita Cla Cla, Tita Ghen and Tito Bok

Hmm… I didn’t noticed that mommy and daddy doesn’t have a picture with me, they’re not even in the pictures too! :-(  Daddy’s busy with the camera, but he didn’t take pictures of us outside playing, while mommy’s busy making the guest full! ^_^

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Have you seen my new pink shoes?  It’s mommy and daddy’s birthday gift to me! ^_^


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