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Spoiling Your Pooch


Your dog deserves to have a relaxing day at a spa just like you might enjoy. This kind of spa is a little different in that it caters to the animal instead of the owner. Workers are trained to deal with dogs of almost any size and breed. Before taking your dog to a pet spa in Plymouth MI, you need to make sure that there aren’t any requirements in the way of vaccinations or specific breeds that might not be allowed in the facility as there are some that are seen as aggressive. Once you take the dog to the spa, you can check back on how your pet is doing and see the activities that are taking place as many spas have a video system set up so that you can watch from your computer.


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There is usually a menu of services offered from the dog spa. A full-service bath is usually one of the main reasons as to why you would want to take your dog to the spa for treatment, especially if you don’t have the space to bathe the dog yourself. Most spa facilities will clip the nails and brush the dog to get any loose hairs removed. Ear cleaning is also one of the services provided. Your dog will feel like royalty for at least a day while at the spa as it’s a time to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Spas often have shampoos that are of different scents. There are conditioners that can be used as well. These work best for dogs with longer hair. The dog’s hair can be cut, and accessories can be added, such as a hair bow or a necktie. There are some spas that will take styling a bit far with highlights or stencils that are used to paint a design on the fur. Some spas offer facials that will help to relax the facial muscles. You can get your dog’s teeth brushed and the paws massaged. Breath refreshers are also used to give your furry friend a fresh scent when you get kisses. A dog spa is a fun way to spoil your dog for at least a day.


My family are dog-lovers but my in-laws are more of cat-lovers, although they have dogs but the majority of the animals they keep are cats.

Taking care of your pets is not as easy as 1-2-3.  It is the same as taking care of a kid.   The only difference is pets cannot say what they want but as a child grows they can express thoughts.  There will be times that you will have a hard time figuring what animals wants or needs especially if they are not feeling well.  This is one kind of taking care of pets that I don’t want to go through.

First, since I can’t tell if they don’t feel good or really sick, I don’t know what to do.  My dad usually sends the dog to the vet and asks for medicines.  Since there are no drug stores for animal medicines we ended up buying generics at the local drug stores if the vet’s meds has already ran out.

I know how to pet, play and feed our dogs but whenever it come taking care of them while they are sick, I think that is not my forte.  I don’t want to see them suffering and has no energy when greeting me.


When I was a little kid, I used to take care of puppies and big dogs until I got married.  But now, in my household we don’t have any.  The reason?

  1. We only have a small space and the neighbor next door may not like the noise when a pet dog barks.
  2. Small space means less area to move around especially with a pet.
  3. And I don’t have time to clean up every time the pet made a mess.
  4. Lastly, Little Zoie has a skin asthma, recently discovered, so no pets with fur.

Yes, I’m thinking of a pet dog here.  ^_^

My Little Zoie which seems to be an animal lover, particularly dogs and/or cats, has been requesting to adopt one whenever we pass by an animal store.  She’ll ask if she can have a pet.  Whenever I said no, she’ll point at any animal in the store.  😉  Thinking she might persuade me if I see a cute puppy, or a hamster, or a bird, or even a bunny!

Every animal she choose to pick are all cute but I stand by my decision not to have a pet, not until we have our own house with a front and back yard.  We can build a dog house for a puppy in the front yard, a small cage for a hamster which can be put anywhere in the house, or an outdoor or indoor rabbit hutch for the bunny.  As long as we have that needed space for all these pets.  Thinking about it, does animal stores have rabbit hutch for sale?

How about giving me a piece of your thought?  Taking consideration of the place where we live and Little Zoie’s skin asthma concern, what animal can we consider making a pet?