part 2: my december 2009

after all the hustle and bustle of the 2nd week of december 2009, now i’m about to tell what happened on the 3rd week of my december 2009 activity…

that was monday and on the previous weekend my daddy decided to visit my lola mommy, on their christmas party, in her office at bureau of treasury in intramuros, manila.  actually he promised lola mommy that we are not coming in their party… shhh…

since we are giving lola mommy a visit, mommy decided not to go to work that day… (absent si mommy!) and i’m so happy she’ll be coming with us!

monday, december 21, we just waited for daddy to come after his night shift work, then off to lola’s office!  she was very surprised when she saw us arrived… ;p


hey, that’s me and my new friend, aya… she too, like me, is crashing the christmas party!!! her dad works there… we’re just getting acquainted though.


yay! we’re getting close na… and mommy keeps on getting picture of us, she said it’ll be my souvenir and hopes to remember her when we visit lola mommy on her other christmas parties.


now, mommy and daddy are having fun on the camera… peace, mom!


another new friend has joined the club!  that’s ate queenie… and she’s making me her baby!  she’s making me drink my milk every now and then, and after my milk would be my water (in my red tumbler)… i’m enjoying the attention but she’s making my tummy full! haha!

after all the fun, of course we’ll have to go home… we passed by a manger, it was decorated in the building’s lobby, when mommy and daddy decided to take a family picture.  here’s the pics:



i so love the chipmunks!

we already watched first chipmunks movie last year in a dvd and i loved it!

but now, watching the part 2 of the movie makes the part 1 a history…well, that’s for me.

i love music scenes in the movie, in over-all… this is a 2 thumbs up!

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i love to watch the concert part, its in the beginning of the movie.  then next the ‘cheese balls’ song and the ’round and round’.  and the songs that the chippets sang… actually, all of the dancing and the singing part are a thumbs up!

i sing whenever they sing, may it be the chipmunks or the chippets… i dance whenever they dance!  i am now memorizing their dance moves.

i hope there’ll be another chipmunk sequel next year!  i am waiting! 😉

part 1: my december 2009

i just want to share with you some of my memorable family moments last december 2009.

first was… mommy and daddy let me come to them when they were looking for a dining set (table and chairs) to buy.  i thought they wouldn’t let me come, i thought they were just going to drop me off to my lola mommy (daddy’s mom)… but i thought wrong… (yehey!)  it was a tiring activity but i had fun looking and playing on those different furniture i see.  i keep on calling to daddy whenever i can’t find him (but mommy’s with me).  i also saw a bunch of balloons hanging on a store posts and i can’t help myself not to shout “loon” (balloon!) whenever i see them… 🙂

this was december 12, saturday morning.  i remembered it ’cause i saw mommy wrote the date under the dining table, after it was delivered to our new home… 😉

that was my morning activity… then that afternoon was my tita yca’s celebration of her 2nd birthday.

it was more like of an adult party rather than children party, because the kids attended the party was just 3! haha… kasi naman we’re the only kids in the clan, kuya lance is in canada pa!

so here are some of the captured moments daddy and mommy took…


i think i want to be a doctor someday…. hmm… what do you think, mom?


that’s tita yca… and we’re still waiting for cousin ish to arrive.  by the way, cousin ish’ name is venice, its just her ‘pet name’



i’m still trying to figure out how to play with this balloon… hmm…



now, i’m getting a hang of it! yay!

its getting late, so tita yca decided to blow her candles even though cousin ish has not arrived yet…


happy birthday, yca!


after all the singing and a little playing… its time to eat!!!

a little while cousin ish came!  here she is…

Photobucket– me, cousin ish & tita yca –


hay… i really had fun that day, even though its just a small party for just 3 three kids 🙂

that was fun, tita yca! thanks!

by the way, i’ve got 2 more photos for you to look…


that’s me doing a pose!


and more playing with the balloons

keep reading… a lot more posts to come!