day 1: my birthday celebration

my birthday has come and i was so very very happy! i really enjoyed my day, thanks, mom! thanks dad!

anyway, here’s the story… would you believe i celebrated my birthday for 3 days?

yes, you read it right! i celebrated my birthday in 3 days!

my actual birth date is feb. 5 and that was yesterday… but before my birthday came, my lola mama and lolo papa (my mom’s side) gave me a little celebration for my birthday.  they cooked pancit and made clubhouse sandwiches for my little party and my ninong greg (mom’s brother) bought a cake with candles for me to blow…

mommy and daddy didn’t know that they planned to throw a little feast for me, because both of them are at their offices.  they just told mommy when my mom came that afternoon to pick me up.

i wanted to share some photos of the little feast but unfortunately i don’t have a copy… mommy saw a video of me blowing candles and my lolos and lolas, titos and titas singing to me.  mommy said she’ll ask for a copy, so i can share it in my blog.

up next… the day 2 of my birthday celebration… keep you posted!

countdown to my birthday… 5 days to go!

mommy and daddy are still not decided what to do on my birthday…

they we’re asking me if i’d like to go and see the fishes, at first i didn’t understand… but when my dad let me see a video from manila ocean park from a certain site, i’d became excited of the thought i’m going to see live and lots of fishes!  yay!

but the oldies (my grandparents) are also suggesting to just go swimming if that’s the case (they said).

i know mommy’s insisting for us to go to ocean park,  because she knows i’ll be enjoying my day at the park.

anyways, after all the debates and everything it ended up to, just celebrate my birthday here at our apartment with my cousins and family relatives on both my parent’s side.

mommy talked to me after that decision, she told me that its too expensive if we go with overnight swimming and some of the oldies are rejecting to the idea of going to ocean park (she don’t know why)… well, you know i’m just a kid and i don’t understand any of these… but one thing i had understand talking to my mommy, she just wanted me to enjoy my birthday whatever celebration it might be…(teary eyed)

i love you, mom! i love you, dad!

whatever celebration you might be giving me, i know i’ll love it! kisses!

cristoria clan’s christmas reunion

december is one of the busiest month, i say… whew!

after our noche buena feast on the 24th, we also need to be present on the cristoria’s reunion every 25th of december…

the reunion was held at one of my lola’s residence, lola lalaine, at new manila, quezon city.  we arrived there together with tita yca at around past noon… it’s supposed to be a lunch party.

before the fun starts, we have to eat lunch first!

there’s a lot served, but i don’t know what to eat first… hmmm… from all of the food, i liked the molo best! yum!

after eating cristoria kid’s had a bonding time our own.


-l-r: ate jaz, ate ish, me and tita yca-




and here’s a shot my ninang pam took when i was reaching for a chocolate! caught in the act! ;p


of course, every party has a game to play and this one’s a very interactive game for sure!


but i don’t know the name of the game, and maybe i’ll let my daddy tell you the mechanics of the game (mom’s new at this one too!).

everybody got tired of playing so the ‘oldies’ decided that its time to open the gifts… yay!


dad, took this shot… and i’m not looking! i’m busy looking with everyone, they’re busy exchanging gifts!  i only gave gifts to little kids like me, ’cause its mommy and daddy’s job to give gifts to the grandpas and grandmas…


-daddy’s in the picture with mommy and me!-

see down here, grandma lalaine gave me this dress and insist me to wear this.

good thing i’m in the mood to change my dress… but i’m still wearing my sneakers with the dress!


hey, that’s one of the gifts mommy and daddy gave me last christmas… it’s a doctor set.  i think they wanted me to be a doctor someday…


and this is a doll house given to me by my ninang ysa, it also comes with little furnitures and little people, and it also has a doorbell that plays music and says ‘hello’!


gift-giving is finished! time for a family picture…


-the younger cristoria clan-

see you soon, cousins!