no-no to diapers!

i’ve been using huggies dry comfort diapers ever since i was 2 months old.  i first used pampers but the plastic cover of the diaper makes me itchy so mommy decided to switch to huggies dry comfort!

we (mommy and me) liked the cottony material and the non-sticky tapes of the diaper.

i gradually stopped using the diaper since last december, because mommy is training me to use a potty.  mommy’s goal is, to make me not to use a diaper anymore before i turn two.  and guess what?  she hit her goal!

thank you mommy for the patience and bearing with me as i learn how to use the potty.  and thank you to huggies for the good product… but now, it’ll be no-no diapers for me! 😉

**this is not a paid post.**

day 3: my birthday celebration

at last… this is the final installment of my 2nd birthday celebration!

this is just a small family celebration for my birthday, mommy and daddy’s side are here, but not all are present.  lola mama  (mom’s mother) and lolo daddy (dad’s father) are a few who didn’t came.

we just served a few snack foods such as carbonara (mommy cooked them), fried chicken (cut into smaller pieces), garlic bread, my red ribbon cake, ice cream and pitchi-pitchi by my lola mommy.

it started past 4 in the afternoon, the party is supposed to be 3pm but only my family in my dad’s side are the early birds… hmm… to think mom’s side of the family is just two blocks away from us… we lived in the same subdivision but different street!

of course, it all started with singing a birthday and candle blowing, but a few picture taking with the cake first.

zoie's 2nd birthday

looks yummy, right?

zoie's 2nd birthday

zoie's 2nd birthday

am i supposed to make a wish first, before blowing the candle?

zoie's 2nd birthday

but i don’t know what to wish… i’ll just blow them anyway…

zoie's 2nd birthday

tita yca wants to blow my birthday candle too!

i’m regretting to say that we don’t have a family picture on this blowing-the-candle event… :'(

anyway, time to eat!

zoie's 2nd birthday

hmm… i love pasta!

zoie's 2nd birthday

that’s my (l)tita ghen (mom’s cousin) and (r) tita freda (mom’s big sister)

zoie's 2nd birthday

yca’s busy eating… yum!

while they’re all busy eating, i’m busy entertaining my guests… i keep on dancing and dancing!

zoie's 2nd birthday

a quick break from dancing…

zoie's 2nd birthday

some late comers… and that includes my tita april (mom’s little sister, youngest among the siblings), lolo papa (mom’s dad), tito amar (kinah’s dad) and kinah!

now that the gangs all here, i mean the kiddies… let the oldies do their thing and will just play here! don’t mind us, mom…

zoie's 2nd birthday

me, kinah and yca

zoie's 2nd birthday

here are some more pictures:

zoie's 2nd birthday

tito ej, ninang ysa and tita cm (dad’s little sis)

zoie's 2nd birthday

tita april and tita cla cla (kinah’s mom, mom’s cousin)

zoie's 2nd birthday

tita cla cla, tita freda and mommy!

like i’ve said, this is just a small celebration with mommy and daddy’s effort and with everyone else, i enjoyed it very much.

thanks a lot!

i love you, mom!  i love you, dad!

day 2: my birthday celebration

the day 2 of my birthday celebration is my real birth day… february 5.

**mommy bonz gave birth to me last february 5, 2008 at mcm hospital at muntinlupa city.  i came out at around 2:45pm and i weighted (just) 5 pounds.**

going back… mommy didn’t go to office that day, we just spent the quite day at our apartment.  we had some bonding time of course.  at around 7pm, we meet up with my lola mommy (daddy’s mom) at festival supermall, she gave me a simple treat at resto at the ground floor of the mall.

we had fun eating, but as soon as me and mommy finished our food we went out to buy me a birthday dress that i can use the next day, my birthday celebration with the whole family (meaning, with relatives).  instead of one dress, mommy bought two dresses! yay! 🙂

while we were out looking for a dress, the rest just stayed at the resto, so we came back there.  good timing actually because a live band is playing that night.  it was my first time to see a live band… with playing instruments and singing!  i was ecstatic!


“do you want a drink?” 😉

just as when the singer of the band asked if there are people celebrating their birthday that day… daddy and my titas shouted my name!  mommy and lola mommy can’t stop cheering for me… my tita said that i was the youngest in the whole resto that was there jamming with the older people! whoa!  i’m there with parental consent! haha! :))


i really had fun!
thanks lola for the treat and thanks mom and dad for the dresses!

up next… day 3:  the last birthday celebration!