toddler moments: my different faces…

hi, again, readers!

mommy’s showed me all of my pictures yesterday and asked me that why would i not post these on my blog?

hmmm… that gave me an idea!  i asked mommy’s help in making my pictures move… see?

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i didn’t know that i make those kind of faces… good thing mommy and daddy are very eager to take pictures of me, it’ll be fun when i get to reminisce these when i grow older, right?

little zoie’s new home…

hi, readers!

little zoie’s back blogging again!

not only that she has a new domain (that she can call hers), little zoie has moved to a new home!

now we are living separately from my lolo and lolas, daddy and mommy is now renting a place… our very own place!  i’ve been enjoying my home now especially now that its just the three of us.

even though we don’t have lots of stuff moved, we don’t even have our own sofa set, a refrigerator and even a dining set!  lots to fill up, see?

but now, daddy and mommy is now ‘investing’, little by little, on our new home… last december, they bought our first ever dining set!  and then, just as the year started, they bought a fridge… hmmm… what would be next, mommy?  when are you going to buy a sofa set???  and a tv???

can’t wait to see what daddy and mommy are planning to buy next!

but on a second thought… maybe they’re saving up for my birthday… by the way, i’m turning two this february 5!

just wait and see what i’ll be posting on my birthday!

see you!