Three Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night

Does your child have trouble sleeping through the night? This is an ailment that is more common than you might think. In fact, an astounding 7 out of 10 children are not getting enough sleep every night. Whether your child is restless or has chronic sleeping issues, there are ways to help him or her deal with issues surrounding sleep. Here are three tips to help ensure that your child is able to get more quality sleep each night.

Enforce Rules Around Technology

This day and age children are receiving round the clock technological stimulation. Screens, such as those on television, TVs, cell phones, and iPads, stimulate the brain into thinking that it should be awake. That is why it is difficult for your child (or you for that matter) to fall asleep directly after watching television or playing video games. Plan a screen-free time period at least an hour before bedtime in order to prepare your children for bed. This will also help establish a routine that will signal to their body that it is time to sleep.

Limit Caffeine

Caffeine can have a tremendous effect on a child’s body and ability to fall asleep at night. These days caffeine can pop up in hidden places making it vital that you monitor your child’s intake, particularly around bedtime. Certain drinks, medications, and even foods can contain trace amounts of caffeine, which can wreak havoc on your child’s sleep schedule. Try to limit any caffeine at least 5 hours before bedtime for best sleep results.

Try a Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a great way to help promote healthy sleep habits for children. While often promoted as an aide for autistic children, a weighted blanket can be a great boon for any child who suffers from sleeplessness. The weight of the blanket puts pressure on the body, helping to provide a sense of safety. It also helps to increase the body’s productions of melatonin and serotonin, which aids in sleep. In addition to this, these blankets, such as those found at Weighted Blankets Plus, can help combat anxiety and restless leg syndrome which may contribute to sleeplessness.


Optimize Your Health In 2016 With These Tips And Tricks

Whether you’re attempting to optimize your personal or professional life, getting healthy is a sure-fire way to realize the goal. However, many individuals find that they lack the knowledge necessary to implement strategies and lifestyle changes that will facilitate greater levels of wellness. If this is your dilemma, no worries! You can use some or all of the health tips and tricks listed below to start improving your level of health immediately:

1. Get Rid Of All Diseases.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that is oftentimes marked by disease tolerance. Rather than fighting illnesses that promote internal dysfunction and pain, we oftentimes resolve to take medications that will temporarily alleviate the physical discomfort of the condition. This is not an optimal approach because allowing disease to thrive within you can make you susceptible to numerous other troublesome conditions. With these ideas in mind, make sure that you are addressing and seeking permanent solutions for the diseases that adversely impact your body. If you need to diagnose a condition, the professionals of Diagnostic Automation can assist you. The company’s representatives sell a wide range of testing kits, including the HCV ELISA kit.

2. Work Out.

Working out is one of the simplest and most effective ways to optimize your level of health. Unfortunately, we live in a sedentary society in which the majority of citizens do not attain the level of physical activity necessary to ward off disease, elevate mood, and enhance metabolism. But you can! There are several ways that you can begin to lead a more active lifestyle, and one of them by joining a local gym. There, you will typically be able to participate in a wide range of group fitness classes. Some of them may include tae-bo, step aerobics, and yoga.

3. Meditate.

Meditation is another wonderful strategy you can implement to start feeling and looking better. Meditation is an effective way to combat stress and the adverse, aging effect it can have on the mind and body. As such, you should set aside ten minutes a day to clear your mind and focus on listening to the sound of your inhalations and exhalations. Be sure to select an area of your living space that promotes feelings of calm and peace within you.


If you want to perform well in your professional and personal life, becoming a healthier person is one of the best ways to make it happen. Use the wellness tips and tricks outlined above to get on the path to greater health right now!

Unique Math Games to Play with Your Kids

Whether your child is still learning his or her numbers, or you have an older child learning how to add, subtract and multiple figures, you need to foster their little minds. Playing games together as a family is a great way to teach them some new skills and to ensure that they don’t forget some of the math skills they learned in school. You’ll find some fun game ideas for both older and younger kids that you can play both inside and out on a warm day.

Scavenger Hunt

Create your very own scavenger hunt that you can adjust to fit the age ranges of all your kids. Younger kids will love a hunt that asks them to track down different items with certain numbers like a box that has a one on it or a piece of paper with the number five on the front. Once your kids are a little older, you can send them off with lists that ask them to bring back a specific number of things like a four-leaf clover, five grains or rice or a shirt with three buttons on the front.


Cornhole is a popular game to play when tailgating or at a family reunion, but it’s also a great game for kids just learning how to add. It features two boards that you place an equal distance apart from each other. Two people or two teams take turns trying to throw bags through the holes in the board. They get points for landing bags on the boards and for tossing those bags through the holes. Let your child keep track of all the points scored to determine the winner. You’ll even find accessories like cornhole lights that help you keep playing once the sun sets.


Older children will love playing darts and keeping track of how many points they score based on where their darts land. Once they get a little older, you can teach them more advanced games like cricket. With cricket, players must hit specific numbers and can only score points when they hit certain parts of the board. Cricket requires that kids keep track of the numbers hit and the numbers still remaining to score the most points and win the game. Simple games like darts, cornhole and even scavenger hunts can help improve the math skills that your kids have.