One ‘Happy’ Star for Week 8

Yup, I only got one ‘happy’ star last week because of no classes in our city.

Monday was the only day that had classes while the rest of the week were suspended because of the heavy monsoon rains which flooded areas within and outside the metro.

Though Monday was raining too, we were already in school when it poured hard. After school, still raining, Mommy and me went to SM because we are meeting up with daddy.  We weren’t there to see a cigar auction at the grocery but I was told that daddy went to a computer accessories store to buy a new mouse and we are to follow him there.  Daddy is buying a new one because the old mouse was defective, it was acting up before we went to school earlier that morning.

While we wait for daddy to finish up his transaction with the sales lady, mommy made me show off my ‘happy’ star for the day. She took a picture of me and my star just outside the CD-R King. ^_^


That’s the only ‘happy’ star I got for Week 8 of my Kindergarten-1  year! 🙂

Though it was still raining we didn’t stayed too long at SM that day, we hurriedly went home because we are all hungry and lunch was already cooked at home! ^_^  No eating out that day.

I hope that tomorrow, Monday, I can now go to school.  It’s so boring staying at home and not seeing my classmates and teacher!  I want to learn more and be ready for my exam on August 22.  ^_^

Don’t make it rain tomorrow, Papa Jesus!

Missing Yca…

It’s been almost a month since I last saw Yca, daddy’s little cousin.  Both my Lola Mommy and Yca’s mom lives at the same house, so whenever we visit Lola’s house every weekend I get to play with her always…

Here’s the last weekend we’re at Lola Mommy’s house and Yca and I are playing.  Mommy took this photo.


Me and Yca grew up together.  My birthday is Feb. 5, 2008 while she’s Dec. 8, 2007.  She’s older than me by almost two months, but technically she really is older than me.  ^_^  She’s daddy’s little cousin, right?  That means she’s my Aunt.  I have another cousin which is older than us, Ate Ish is 5.  Since Ate Ish is my cousin, Yca is also her Aunt.

A little confusing, right?  Haha… But Yca’s mom doesn’t want us to call Yca our Aunt, simply Yca.

Anyway, I am definitely missing Yca right now…

Our Little Visitor

Last Saturday before we went to (mom’s side) a family affair, an unexpected visitor came to our house and paid us a visit.  Here she is…


It’s Baby Ena and she’s three months old now, going four next week.  ^_^I’ve written a post for her last April, read here.  Her mom is our friend and they are living just the other street of the subdivision we are living in.  She’s growing so big for her age.

The two-three hours visit is fun for me. I so adore Baby Ena! She’s so cute, I can’t help but kiss her even when she’s sleeping.


I also took a nap beside her.


And after our afternoon nap time, we got the energy to play a little more before she go home.


After this brief cam-whoring while doing up and downs on mommy’s lap, Baby Ena, asked for her milk.  Another nap time for the little one after her drinking her milk.  It’s her habit of sleeping in our house every time she visit.  I don’t know what’s with our house, but she’s comfortable sleeping here.

Next time, I hope we had more time playing than sleeping!  ^_^

Oh well, I understand that she’s a growing alright, we’ll get to play when she gets a little older.


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