How Old Should Your Kids Go To School as Pre-Schoolers?

Little Zoie turned 4 last February but she hasn’t started school yet.  Last summer of 2011 we just let her attend a summer school, administered by my hubby’s cousin, but that was only over the summer.  We didn’t continue it until the next regular school year although hubby’s cousin urged us to continue her schooling.

kids in summer class

But according to my mother-in-law, it is still too early for her to start schooling at age of 3, we (me and hubby) thought so too.  And the Philippine education system is now extending more years adding to the 4 years of secondary (high school) education.  They call it K-12,

The K-12 model involves Kindergarten, six years of elementary education, four years of junior high school (Grades 7 to 10) and two years of senior high school (Grades 11 to 12). 

Parents are afraid that when the education system will add more years, their children wouldn’t want to study anymore.  A little home tutoring will help, or a thorough monitoring of your child’s academic progress.  Now that K-12 is implemented for this year, little kids such as Little Zoie will surely go through the additional  2 more senior years.

Right now, at 4, does she qualify to start schooling for the next school year?  I heard they will this evaluate her abilities, that’s why we are scheduled to visit the pre-school Monday next week.  Let’s see from there and keep you updated for sure.

Does your kid started at what age when they entered pre-school?  Will appreciate your thoughts.  🙂





She Wants a Hat!

My little girl is turning 3 this Saturday, February 5, I’m still undecided what to give her for her present… hmmm…

Last week, when hubby gave us a grand treat, with shopping and everything, my little Zoie had her attention with one of those cute hats in one of those colorful racks, actually she was eyeing on a blue cap.  The cap she was holding is for boys only, I’m looking for some girl’s cap but I didn’t find any.  Good thing, hubby directed her little attention to something because she’s already putting it in our shopping basket.

So, as one of her birthday present, after watching her much-awaited movie ‘Tangled’ in a mall, I’ll grab a cute cap I could find along with her birthday dress and the original birthday present. 🙂