My Little ‘Frozen’ Fanatic

‘Frozen’ craze is everywhere and it didn’t miss my Little Zoie.

After weeks of non-stop replaying the movie at our house and her lola mommy’s house, not only that singing the movie’s soundtracks here and there, her lola mommy has bought her a toy set she’s too excited to open.  The main cast of ‘Frozen’: Queen Elsa, Anna, Kristof, Sven, Olaf and Hans.

Her lola and dad saw this set of toy when the two were shopping at Divisoria to pick up costumes my two kids will be wearing on baby Matti’s 1st birthday.  Let’s just say that this is her pasalubong from her loving grandmom.

Thank you lola mommy!  She loves it!


frozen craze zoie

School Moved Out!

From being a tenant of a building just across SM Center Muntinlupa…

The little school has their own school grounds now.  Educamp Learning Center is definitely expanding their learning grounds to the next level.  That is, having their own spacious school ground of their own and not just renting.  ^_^

The plans of relocating the school has been in talks before the students graduation for the year 2013-2014 happened.  It gave me second thoughts of letting my Little Zoie continue her grade school course here.  I know that the location the school is going to transfer is going to make us farther from the first school location.  Way farther.

But then again, we had to think it over and over again because during the graduation last March the new partner of the school have discussed the wonderful changes the school curriculum is going to take, so me and hubby decided to let our daughter stay because of this new curriculum.

The only problem is, the person who is going to send and pick up my Little Zoie to school.  This problem needs a little time to be discussed by the parents.

Here’s the new school.

new school location

Little Zoie’s Kinder 2 Report Card

Little Zoie’s report card is finally out.  I have been waiting for its release for quite sometime now, though they temporarily released the same card every quarter.  I wanted to know how well she did for the last quarter.

K2 report card

I am very proud of the achievements my Little Zoie has received from her preschool years, Kinder 1 recognition and Kinder graduation.  She’s been learning according to her pace, which is fast for her age but also having difficulties in some subject areas such as subtraction in Mathematics.

Next school year, I’m praying she’ll maintain such eager in learning and also, less absences.