i just realized that being a do-follow blog has its ups and downs…

the good side is, i can give valid backlinks to others as well as they, also give me good backlinks.  on the other hand, the bad side would be this…

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my comments page is flooding with spam!!!

is there a wordpress plug-ins that can block spammed comments??? i need an automatic filter features that willl delete all the junk comments!!!

ahh… oh, bummer…

my baby’s blog got a PR!

my baby just started blogging four months ago, and now it pays off!

yehey!  she got PR1, see…

and my other blog… the pinkstuffgalore still retains her PR2 rank.
thanks, mr. google!
how about you, guys, how does this PR updated affects your blogs??? to check your PR, you can use this tool for the mean time…
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tata for now, see yah!

toddler notes: now a dofollow blog!


mom helped me research and also helped me in changing my blog from a nofollow to a dofollow blog! yay!

thanks, mom!

we checked the page source view from my comments section of the blog… there i find (ctrl+f) nofollow words and viola! i did!

then, we looked for sites that would help us remove the nofollow code… and thanks to tech superb, we removed it!

i am now a certified dofollow blog!