An Alphabet Trip to the Limerick Zoo (Full Color eBook) Review

Before the week ends I received an email regarding an eBook for review.  I asked for this book review because my Little Zoie loves books with colorful pictures in it.  She also loves listening to me read story books and poetry, so it is a good thing I received an eBook from Wordsmith Enterprises, LLC, An Alphabet Trip to the Limerick Zoo and a Companion Coloring Book.

Alphabet Coloring Book

This ‘An Alphabet Trip to the Limerick Zoo’ eBook is an exciting book for me and my Little Zoie.  I read to her the book and as I go along the pages, I was making her recognize the animals in the book, animals from A-Z.  Not to mention the colorful animal pictures and the fun limerick poems in it.  So fun we already read it four times already.  ^_^  If I may, I want suggest that this is a good book for home schoolers and a helpful teachers’ resources.

Below you can see the product preview of An Alphabet Trip to the Limerick Zoo:

If you use Kindle, Nook or iPad as your e-book reader, no worries, the colorful version will be available in the coming days.  So, if you are interested of getting a copy for your kids or students, visit this website for more information:



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The Little Lost Balloon by Michael Burke

I want to share a nice story I read, this is about a little balloon’s first great adventure.  At first, contented in life and daydreaming,  unexpectedly flying free, finding friendship in the strangest place, conquering fears and finding courage to follow his dreams.

The story of the little blue balloon goes something like this…

Once…there was a little blue balloon who lived at a fair.

We’ll call him…Blue.

A happy little fellow, his only worry was that of the wind. He had seen it do many awful things. Knocking over garbage cans, stealing hats and sometimes…carrying off helpless balloons!

One night while gazing up at the stars…he wondered what lay beyond the fair.

In that one tiny moment…the thought became a wish.

Drifting off to sleep, he dreamt of a wondrous far away land. He awoke to a terrible discovery…the wind had carried him off in the night! He was lost!

Blue was now embarking on his first great adventure, braving flocks of wild geese, kite filled skies, perilous freeways and raging storms!

Let yourself be whisked away with Blue as he explores strange new lands, finds new friendships…and follows his dreams.

This is really a good story, this gives your child a chance to practice their imagination as you read them the story of BLUE.  Not only that, at the back of the book you can find a lot of spaces for your little kids to use in writing and coloring.  A nice story book and an activity book as well.  I know my Little Zoie will definitely love this book… she loves books and she loves hearing stories!

The Little Lost Balloon:

Written and Illustrated by Michael P Burke

Copyright 2010 Michael P Burke
ISBN: 978-1-60594-447-0
Printed in the United States of America
Llumina Press
7915 W. Mcnab Rd, Tamarac, FL 33321

Library of Congress Control Number 2010901572

Ecolibris 1 tree planted for each book

” When looking back many years from now…my sincerest wish is to feel I have
enriched the lives of children on their path as future caretakers of this planet,
and at the very least…planted a tree with every book. ”
Michael P Burke

i so love the chipmunks!

we already watched first chipmunks movie last year in a dvd and i loved it!

but now, watching the part 2 of the movie makes the part 1 a history…well, that’s for me.

i love music scenes in the movie, in over-all… this is a 2 thumbs up!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

i love to watch the concert part, its in the beginning of the movie.  then next the ‘cheese balls’ song and the ’round and round’.  and the songs that the chippets sang… actually, all of the dancing and the singing part are a thumbs up!

i sing whenever they sing, may it be the chipmunks or the chippets… i dance whenever they dance!  i am now memorizing their dance moves.

i hope there’ll be another chipmunk sequel next year!  i am waiting! 😉