What Is GMAT Prep? What School Should You Go To?

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, it is a standardized and computer-based assessment which predicts, but with high proven validity, your success in your first year in graduate management course.

Students who wants to pursue graduate management course and take the test, they prepare themselves by enrolling to a GMAT Prep course.  GMAT prep course can be online or tackle it up in prep schools in the U.S, your pick.

Of course, we are talking about GMAT so students would really want to find the right school for them.  As I search for tips on how to pick the right prep school for GMAT takers, I ended up reading an article at the official blog of GMAT on what to consider when hunting for the right school.

  • Make your search personal.  First, you need to know how to search and know what information are you looking for before you start searching for school.  An easy search will be the use of internet.  If you are eyeing at VeritasPrep, gather information, such as application/admission requirements, program and curriculum descriptions and the likes, from them over at the internet or be a walk-in applicant.  Find the information and rely on your personal opinion whether or not top-ranked programs is the best match for your needs.
  •  Define quality for yourself.  Your criteria of finding the right school should be based on what you really need, what would meet your goals.
  • Know yourself.  Know your goals.  Your ambition.


Considering all these tips, I recon you can find the right school for you.


Financial Help for Growing an Online Business

Starting my own business is what I’ve been trying to figure out.  It can be a business online which I know can be a great kick start for any business who doesn’t have enough working capital to fund a big business.  I’m still trying to decide whether to start a clothing and accessories, fashion business online, or something that I like doing like cooking, a food business.

It seems that I can’t decide yet, I still need to fund whatever business I want to start up.  Honestly, I help in financing my business.

As you can see everyone needs help when it comes to financing a business, even online sellers from Amazon, ebay, Yahoo, and other online marketplaces.  If I am to ask assistance for my working capital, can Kabbage Inc. help me?



I have learned that Kabbage, Inc. can provide working capital for potential online sellers.  They provide cash to small online businesses to help them grow.  They give assistance for online sellers in Amazon, Yahoo and eBay financing through cash advances.

This cash advance granted can be a great help to finance your online business.  Granted cash advances can be used to purchased your business inventory, hire help, advertise your store and other promotional factors you need to make your business grow.  Having available funds will not hinder the growth of your online store.

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