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Everybody has their own choice of pets.  Even my Little Zoie at a very early age loves kittens and puppies.

Oh well, who wouldn’t?  ^_^  I love puppies as well, but not much with kittens.  Puppies are the cutest!

image not mine

Anyway, I wanted to talk about pets today because my in-law’s pets, their dogs, just gave birth and they’re thinking of giving it to their granddaughter, Little Zoie.  They knew that the little girl loves their pets but, honestly, she preferred cats than dogs, though she thought they are both cute.  She doesn’t want to accept them, so she requested to get the little cats instead.  Even though the cats are not newborns, they are a few months older than these newborn puppies, she still wants to get them.

Adopting pets in your household is not that easy.  I wanted to talk to Little Zoie about the responsibilities she’ll be facing if she decided to get a pet, whether a kitten or a puppy.  She needs to know how to feed it, bathe it, clean its dirt aside from playing with them.  Other than that, we need to buy the supplies they need such as cat carriers, bowls and feeders, collars, litter box, bed and their food and other treats.  Or visit here to see all the supplies they need.

It looks like a big responsibility for a five-year-old, right?  That’s why I want her to realize that she might neglect taking care of the little kitten and that’s not how pets are treated.  Maybe when you’re a little older, my Little Zoie.  Right now, just help me take care of your baby brother or sister before the pets.  ^_^



My family are dog-lovers but my in-laws are more of cat-lovers, although they have dogs but the majority of the animals they keep are cats.

Taking care of your pets is not as easy as 1-2-3.  It is the same as taking care of a kid.   The only difference is pets cannot say what they want but as a child grows they can express thoughts.  There will be times that you will have a hard time figuring what animals wants or needs especially if they are not feeling well.  This is one kind of taking care of pets that I don’t want to go through.

First, since I can’t tell if they don’t feel good or really sick, I don’t know what to do.  My dad usually sends the dog to the vet and asks for medicines.  Since there are no drug stores for animal medicines we ended up buying generics at the local drug stores if the vet’s meds has already ran out.

I know how to pet, play and feed our dogs but whenever it come taking care of them while they are sick, I think that is not my forte.  I don’t want to see them suffering and has no energy when greeting me.