The Cold Hurts

It’s been a week since I started feeling muscle pains in leg, especially at night… and it really bothers me.   So, last week my hubby didn’t stop reminding me to go see a doctor since it is covered by our health card.

So, as the doctor’s findings that it is because the climate change and this month’s climate is not the usual we have.  I was advised to put more clothes on  and keep my body, especially my legs warm.

Thanks to my pajamas, socks and electric blanket for keeping me warm in this cold, cold night…  Now, I can sleep better.

What Do I Miss?

Now that I’m staying (working) at home, I also miss a few things when I was still working…

I miss cleaning up my office décor that is placed on top of my table, before I start to work. I missed chatting with workmates during coffee and lunch breaks.  I missed having some night-outs with workmates, they’ve became my friends too.  I missed strolling in the mall before I go home, for a few minutes just to freshen up and relieve myself with stress before I head home… hubby made it a house rule that office stress should not be brought home, make it stay in the workplace.  I missed rushing some reports, especially during month-ends, and at the end of the day your superior will give you a pat in the back for a job well done.

I might have a lot of things I miss when I was still working but it doesn’t mean I already want to go back in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world… I still wouldn’t trade seeing my child grow more than anything in this world.

I am her mother, and I am responsible in everything, everything about my child… in every aspect.  And I wouldn’t let anyone see, other than me and my family, her growing years while I only hear it from a babysitter’s stories… Nah, I’ll stay as a stay (work)-at-home in any way I can!

She’s Turning 3!

In just a few weeks my little Zoie will be turning 3 this February 5!

Awww, kids are growing up too fast, right?  Even though I’m a stay-at-home mom (a part-time work-at-home too), I feel like I’m still missing something.  Everyday I never fail to show and say how much I love her, more than three times a day perhaps, everyday I always shower her with kisses and cuddles and tickle her more… I’m afraid as she grow she’ll tell me to refrain doing that to her… I HOPE NOT!

Anyway, like what I’ve said her birthday is coming up and I’m still planning what should we do.  Actually the initial plan is to take her to movie house and we’ll watched her most awaited cartoon movie, Tangled!  It will be showing in the Philippines on February 2, and we’ll be watching it on Zoie’s birthday.  Other than that, I’m still on planning stage… and I’m running out of time.

Oh well, before that I still need to pick up some pop displays, my father has ordered to put up in his store. I need to take care of that first… Then after that, I’ll check some cakes in the mall for my little girl’s birthday.  Well, one of my motto is:

“It wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without a cake!”