Can She NOT Grow Up?

As my little Zoie turns three this weekend, it dawned to me, since the start of the month, that’s she’s growing fast… Even though, I’m with her every minute of the day, I still find it fast.

Last night, as we were lying in bed and waiting for our sleep to come (hubby has gone to office), we had a little chat.  Like I always do, I hugged her and give her small kisses all over her cute little face, and whispered…

“Can you not grow up, baby…?  For mommy…?

She stopped drinking her water from her bottle (that’s her before sleeping routine), and asked… Huh?

I chuckled and hugged her a little tight and kissed her again…

“Can you be mommy’s baby forever?”

She nods eagerly while not taking off her water bottle from her mouth.

“Don’t grow up okay, baby?”

Still continuing to nod, and finally said:  “Yes, mommy!”

I was speechless…

I know I can’t stop her from growing, I was just a little worried… okay, scared, that she might leave me.  Haha!

She might want to go out with her friends rather than stay and spend time with me… Haha!  I know it’ll come a time and honestly, I won’t stop her go and make friends.  It’s part of life.  I’ve been there.  More ‘haha’s!  I just think too much, and hubby would definitely agree.

Right now I know what I can do… Let her grow.  Give her all the love I can give.  Spend more time, more ‘family time’ like never before.  That’s the least I can do, for now…

I so love this pic! 😉

Investing On Our Child’s Toys

Every kids loves toys, even the kids at heart…Smiley Yes, we are buying them toys but, are we buying them what they really need?  It’s not bad investing toys for your kiddos (ages 30 to 36 months) especially if it will help in the developmental growth of your kids (as they play). I read from some toys that can help in enhance your kids’ skills in different areas of development as they grow.



They help in your kid’s development in the areas of problem-solving and hand-eye coordination.  The basic jigsaw puzzle with large puzzle pieces and simple recognizable pictures, will help hone this skills.

And my Little Zoie is trying her skills in completing her Mickey Mouse and Friends puzzle. 😉


Board or Memory Games


This kind of toys is not only a learning tools but a fun toys.  Examples of board games is Snakes and Ladders, for card games is Memory game.


I bought this Snakes & Ladders because it shows good characteristics/ traits and bad ones too.  All of us knows how to play it, right?  When you stop at a number with a good characteristic/ traits, you’ll climb a ladder.  The yellow circle shows that the little girl is taking a bath always, at the top of the ladder she’s rewarded with the ‘Most Clean’ award.  Then, when you stop at a number with a bad trait is showing, you’ll slide down as a penalty (for not practicing the good traits).  The red circle shows that the little boy is not reading his books/ studying his lessons, so the result he was given a failing grade.

Kids-size dishes, pots and pans


Every little girls have this toys, it gives their imagination an exercise.  They’ll be exploring their skills how to be their mom in the kitchen.  You’ll be surprised if they make they own recipe and serve for you to playfully eat! 😉  My little Zoie loves this toys.

Constructions Sets

Toddlers loves to stack blocks, especially Legos, but for my little kid she loves stacking up colorful blocks with her dad.  Her blocks has alphabets, numbers and images, that’s a gift from her grandmother.


Don’t mind the messy house please… 😉

Anyway, this is also good to enhance the skill of hand-eye coordination and imagination too, you can build/ stack it up anything you want.  My little girl loves to make towers and pyramids with these, also she’s learning to recognize alphabets, number and images because of these blocks.

Art Supplies


This is good to enhance your kids artistic and creative side.  At this age, this will definitely like crayons, water colors, and other art supplies, just make sure it is washable and non-toxic.

Outdoor Equipments


It is good to introduce to your kids some easy sports they’ll turn out to like.  They’ll develop physical skills as they expose themselves in outdoor games and sports.  You’ll never know your kid might be one of those gold medalists in sports as they grow.



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is my little Zoie’s favorite of all, books!  We are practicing their language skills and broadening their vocabularies at this age, and it is good to expose them with age-appropriate books. They would love to hear narrative books, it’ll be give a boost to their imaginations and get to understand more complicated words and stories.


I know it’ll be costly to buy them toys and everything, but there are also affordable ones… you just have to make a good investment with these right toys for the development of skills and abilities of your little ones.


The Cold Hurts

It’s been a week since I started feeling muscle pains in leg, especially at night… and it really bothers me.   So, last week my hubby didn’t stop reminding me to go see a doctor since it is covered by our health card.

So, as the doctor’s findings that it is because the climate change and this month’s climate is not the usual we have.  I was advised to put more clothes on  and keep my body, especially my legs warm.

Thanks to my pajamas, socks and electric blanket for keeping me warm in this cold, cold night…  Now, I can sleep better.