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To be fair, an engagement ring is often chosen by the person doing the proposing so often this decision has been taken care of for you. But, the wedding ring is something you get some say in and it can certainly be a difficult dilemma. I suppose if you are keeping things simple then a straightforward wedding band should be easy to choose, however, this is where you can be mistaken. Even with the most simplest of choices there is much to consider. Which is why I thought I would put together this helpful guide to ensure that you choose the right wedding ring for your special day.


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Consider your engagement ring when making this decision

You may be absolutely smitten with your engagement ring and why shouldn’t you be, but it is also important to ensure that you consider this ring when choosing the wedding band. You want something that will work well with the other ring you intend to wear for years to come. This is when funny shapes of engagement rings can cause issues. Large rocks or specific cuts like marquise can mean that a standard wedding band is just not going to cut it and rather than seamlessly fitting together you could end up with a gap between the rings. Which could be uncomfortable over time. Speak with a jeweller and see what sort of style might work well with your engagement ring. You may find that it can be modelled to fit your ring by adding a groove so that the diamond or stone fits well with the wedding band. Making them a match made in heaven, much like you and your partner.


Research and check out different styles

Often when it comes to a wedding band some people like to consider unique styles or opt for something a little different. A traditional wedding band doesn’t need to be plain or standard anymore. Some choose to have diamonds or stones in them. Other like a pattern or a different style other than straight. Then there are the different levels of width and thickness to think about. Research is important for this and visiting websites like could prove really useful to you. We can often be guilty of rushing this decision, but your wedding ring is something that you intend to have on your finger for the rest of your days. So make a wise decision.


Think about the type of metal you want

Finally, the type of metal you choose is also important. Not only for your finger but also taking into account the metal that your engagement ring is made out of. Some metals don’t work well together. There is an extensive choice out there, so it might be worth looking at to become a little more knowledgeable. However one point to note is that platinum is very hard wearing and if you had a platinum engagement ring but chose a white gold wedding band you may find that over time the gold one would be marked by the platinum ring.


I hope that these things mentioned help you to choose the right wedding ring for your special day.


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