A Birthday & An Egg Hunting Fun

A late post.

Goodness, I finally got the chance to post this.  I almost missed this week in posting Little Zoie’s fun last Easter Sunday with her little cousins, and a birthday celebration too.

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Actually the family, in-laws, got together to celebrate the 6th birthday of one of the little kiddos.  It was supposed to be the main event.  But the ambiance suddenly turned into an Easter Sunday when one of the grandmas prepared a little egg hunting for the kids.  The birthday party was ignored, and egg hunting was now the fun part for them, especially for my Little Zoie.

Let’s see the fun last Sunday… ^_^


Of course, a birthday wouldn’t be complete without blowing the candles, right?  Eating time after this!


Egg hunting is up! Open your eyes in the count of three!


Little Zoie got a little help from her Ninang Bam-Bam for looking some eggs…


I found candies inside the eggs, Mommy… see? 



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Busy Wedding Weekend

One of hubby’s cousins has tied the knot last Saturday in a Christian garden wedding.  And it seems to be the Wedding of the Year for the Cristoria clan.  Everything was well organized, every penny paid is really worth it.

The bride is my hubby’s cousin and she was the first girl in the Cristoria brood to get married.  She wanted it to be fairy-tale like and she got it.  Little Zoie is one of the flower girls of course.  Though it is not really a very formal event, the whole family still made an effort to wear suit and tie and cocktail dresses for the occasion.

This wedding is one event Little Zoie is excited about.  After the planning process of the flower girls’ dresses, measurements and designs, last December, she was already counting down the date of the wedding.  I don’t know why… ^_^  Most especially when we got her flower girl gown, that’s when she keeps on asking everyday.  She’s that excited!

So, the awaited day came… and here are some pictures we would like to share.

JM wedding04 little green girl

JM wedding05

Wacky pose from the father and daughter tandem…
JM wedding06

The best friends…

JM wedding03 JM wedding02

The party wouldn’t be complete without the little kids presenting a dance for the whole crowd. They’re dancing ‘Starship’ by Nicki Minaj and ‘Cha-Cha’ song from Eat Bulaga.

JM wedding01



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Daddy’s ‘Family Day’ at Work

It was my first time to visit daddy’s workplace yesterday, but actually mommy said it was his previous office before he got transferred to the BPO’s site in Makati.  Anyway, although we have entered their office premises, we are still not allowed to roam inside their office, so instead they lead us to their basketball court and their ‘Game Room’.

Their plan, as mommy figured out, was to get the kids together, so they let them play in the Game Room. The mommies, the wives of the trainers, and hubby’s girl colleagues will try to get to know as well.  And the guys… well, the basketball court was all theirs.  I wanted to play in the basketball court but when daddy’s boss’ daughter came to me and handed me a toy fashion accessories, I changed my mind.  Mommy was urging me to play with the girl since we are of the same age.


After the girl, Nivee (sorry we don’t know the spelling), handed me the fashion toys, we went to the Game Room.  The team’s official ‘photographer’ was busy playing basketball with the rest of team, so no photos taken at the Game Room.  ^_^  Though there’s no photos taken, I can definitely say that I had fun playing with the rest of the kids.

Also, mommy will be sharing some pictures taken from daddy’s colleague’s Facebook account, the ‘photographer’ during lunch time.  We are also acknowledging the wonderful photos taken.  By the way, we ate at Max’s Restaurant at Santana Grove, Sucat, Parañaque.  See them below:


2nd photo: our family.  3rd photo: daddy’s manager’s family (the woman at the middle is daddy’s boss)

The rest of daddy’s team and their families.  ^_^

Of course, it wouldn’t be more fun if I didn’t get freebies, toys and foods, from daddy’s boss! Lols!