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The long awaited fashion show event of my Little Zoie was a success despite the last minute venue change due to some unexpected city event.  I have already prepared the flag and the sash of the country we are representing two days before the event.  I also packed the extra clothes she needed to change for her talent presentation.

Wednesday came and Little Zoie woke up early that morning.  Needless to say that she’s very excited with their school event.  The start of the event is at 9:00 in the morning but it started late, around 9:30 am.  Good thing because my in-laws picked us up so 20 minutes late and one of the teachers are already checking on us as to where we are already. ^_^


The school event started with a few words from the school owners, then Toddlers (Nursery) and Kinder 1 walking off their costumes of the countries they picked.  After the 2 levels’ catwalk, there was an intermission, a dance prepared by the girls of Toddlers and Kinder 1.

After the dance performance, it was the time for the Kinder 2 to show off their costumes. My cute Little Zoie showed of hers along with her godmother and aunt, CB, for the fashion walk tandem.



After their fashion walk, another intermission was prepared, it is the time for the boys of Toddlers and Kinder 1 to shine.  They too, prepared a dance for everyone to see.  Then next, the talent portion.  Selected or volunteered kids, separately, who wanted to showcase their talents went to the stage, first up was my Little Zoie.  I’m sharing to you a video of her ‘Take Me Away’ (one of Freaky Friday’s OST) presentation.

Last to walk the catwalk was the Grade 1s. Then more talent presentations, and dance numbers by the Kinder 2 and Grade 1 boys and Kinder 2 and Grade 1 girls respectively. Aside from the fashion show highlights, there was an awarding ceremony of kids and parents/guardians of wearing the best costumes in different levels, Toddler, Kinder 1 and 2, and Grade 1. 2 more awards given were the Best in Talent, which my Little Zoie received and Mr. and Ms. UN, we didn’t get that.

UN Best in Talent2013


Next year, we will definitely prepare for another United Nations event.  Of course we would want to get another Best in Talent award and a Best in Costume award.  ^_^

Does your school celebrate a United Nations event?

Kids in Doodles #63


As far as I can remember, this is the first time mommy and I had a day out with Tita F, short for Tita Freda, mommy’s big sister.  She is the one who invited us to go out and simply hang out in the mall for a little bonding time.  We spent almost all day playing at Tom’s World and a little shopping on the side.  ^_^



After we finished playing at Tom’s World, I know I have to ride the animal rides as soon as I saw them!

dayout05 dayout04

Although I am the only kid playing, I still had a great time with Tita F!  Thanks for the treat, tita! ^_^

Kids in Doodles #57