Dance As She Wants

Little Zoie really loves to dance.  And I love the effort she made during Matti’s Dedication and her Big Sister Party.  She volunteered she wants to perform a dance in the party.  She’s very active, I tell you. ^_^



 They are dancing her all-time favorite dance song of Nicki Minaj, Starship.  ^_^

Funny, I remember participating in dance performances back when I was Zoie’s age, in all our birthday parties, siblings and cousins.  So, I guess the saying ‘like mother, like daughter’ applies here.

Kids in Doodles #62

Our First Homework: Colors

The homework that I don’t want to be doing is cutting pictures. Lols!

Well, I’m just helping my Little Zoie with her homework which involves cutting and of course, as young as herself, she can’t be the one doing all the cutting.  Just like she says, ‘it’s not safe for kids to hold sharp objects’.

I don’t want this kind of homework because I am not sure if we have enough old magazines or brochures which we can cut pictures of.  Last year, I always buy posters for her cutting projects and homework.  For me it will be cost-saving and practical to recycle magazines.  Keep them and whenever needed, we will cut them.

Anyway, yesterday’s homework is to cut objects in the colors of red, blue and yellow, the primary colors.



Last year, whenever there’s a homework involving cutting pictures, I always do all the tasks:  finding pictures, cutting, pasting them in paper or notebook and Little Zoie will do the writing task.  But now, I’m trying to make her involve in her cutting homework.  Yesterday I made her find objects with the colors needed.  I cut and put some glue.  She stick the cut pictures with glue it on her notebook and wrote the words: RED, BLUE and YELLOW on the top portion.  She needs to be more involve in this kind of homework.

This is just the first cutting-picture homework, there’ll be a lot more cutting-pictures homework to come!

We did this homework while baby Matti’s sleeping.  You know I can’t do a lot when the little guy is awake, right?

Color Connection #35

First Day of School

Today was Little Zoie’s first day in school.

Since I can’t personally send and fetch her in school, I asked my father to do it for me.  It will be a new routine for all of us since I can’t leave my one-month old baby, we don’t have a yaya, and the big sister understands.  On her first day, according to the Kindergarten 2 student, they only introduced their selves and play games about the under the water world.  She was so eager to show me her first star for the school year 2013 to 2014.

Their curriculum is composed of 6 subjects:  Math, Reading, Language, Science, Filipino, and PE (with Arts and Crafts).  I’m crossing my fingers that Little Zoie will not have a hard time with the Filipino subject, since birth the only language she’s familiar is English.  But we started teaching her Filipino words last year.  ^_^

I hope that their class will have a music related subject.  Only simple music subject and not the hard ones that needed apogee duet equipment.  Music is one of Little Zoie’s interests.  Me and hubby are planning to get her Piano lessons next summer.  Well, that’s yet to happen.  Seriously, I wanted a music subject to be included in their curriculum as early as now.


Anyway, their regular school time is 8am to 11:30am but for today, their first day of class lasted only until 10am.  I guess tomorrow will be the start of their regular school time.  Still wondering if we can keep waking up early for school.  ^_^ So, I guess, good luck to us.

Kids in Doodles #60