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This is it, Tea Collection’s Semi-Annual Sale is going all out and marking sale items down an additional 40% off starting today (7/3) and ending Monday (7/7).

Sweet dresses, tees, onesies and more all filled with the rich colors and intricate patterns of faraway Morocco.  Simply use the promo code: MORE40 when you checkout.  Don’t wait, styles will sell out as the sale is almost over.

Have fun shopping!



Blue Is Love

Wednesday and it is our third day of showing you Little Zoie’s OOTD for the week.

My aspiring model c/o PhotoGrid

This dress has been my favorite among all her dresses. I bought this online from her classmate’s mom who runs an online shop in Facebook called Jhinph Online Shop,  and this is the album where I found this dress.

Actually, when I was planning of buying this dress, I asked Zoie what color does she want though I know she’ll be picking the pink one.  I talked to her to get the blue instead because all of her dresses are in pink hues already.  She might want to try other color other than pink.  I was relieved when she agreed.

To finish up her blue tutu dress, she wore a white stocking with her favorite floral doll shoes.  Accessorizing the whole outfit with her cute little blue tiara and my 2 blue bracelets.  Getting stylish, eh, Zoie?

Ohh… I so love dressing her up.
blue is love kidOOTD


On a related note, Jhinph Online Shop specializes in selling women clothes, shoes and accessories along with kids clothes and shoes.  Don’t forget to check out her shop! ^_^


Fresh in Floral Flesh

Now, the second day for our kiddie OOTD.

This flesh-colored printed with flowers is bought to her by her Lola Mommy.  I like this dress but honestly, when she’s wearing this dress her skinny body is showing.

flesh is fresh kidOOTD

I know she’s too skinny but her pedia said there’s nothing wrong with her.  She’s healthy, alright.  I don’t mind her being skinny as long as she’s eating healthy foods, not junk foods, and she’s not sick.  I was also skinny at that age, but unlike her I always get sick.  That means I am not that healthy.  ^_^

Hmm… maybe, we’ll just seldom wear this I don’t like her showing a lot of bones.  🙂