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The first night after bringing your baby home will probably be the most daunting night of your life. You spend months preparing yourself for the birth. But not as much emphasis is put on preparing yourself for the first night. This can leave many new mothers feeling scared and nervous about what they should be doing after they leave the comfort of the hospital. So instead of leaving everything to the last minute, use this guide to help you plan and get organised before your baby arrives.


Plan what you’re doing for dinner

It’s likely that you or your partner will want to cook after such a long couple of days. Plus your local shops may be shut if you arrive home at night or on a Sunday. So plan ahead and make sure your kitchen is stocked up with plenty of food. You could even cook a meal and freeze it beforehand. All you would then have to do is defrost it. Alternatively, you might just want to order a takeaway. The majority of takeaways are open till late and offer a wide variety of food for you to choose from. So get some menus and store them in a safe place so you can call them as soon as you get home.



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When it comes to the matter of decorating the walls there are wide variety of options are available. It can be even painted with single color throughout the house or painting of your choice or family photographs. Interior of the walls can be painted with different like stripes and others, wall borders and can be customized with vinyl wall arts as well. It depends upon the individual to choose the style of work for the walls that suits their life style.

The vinyl wall art decals are much durable than that of the stickers. It is a straight forward process of creating such different pieces of wall arts. It is designed using special graphic software prior to sending it to the plotter who cuts it to required sizes. After altering it to the required sizes, then application tape is fitted and is rolled in to the card board tube in order to protect it during travel. When the customer receives the vinyl wall art, they just have take off the back paper and position it on the wall.

Some of the popular designs of vinyl wall art include plants category like dandelion wall sticker or images of filmy stars m musicians. Depending upon your taste and interest bathroom and kitchen theme pictures is available. Some customer even gets preferred with quotes so that they get inspired and motivated by it whenever they see those quotes.

There are various facts to choose wall decals for your interior house, and all of them are vital, gorgeous and fantastic than we can imagine. For a freaky addition to the interior decoration either for your house or the work place, you can think about investing in vinyl wall art. It’s less expensive and changed according to your taste.

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Step wise guide to apply vinyl wall art stickers

When I read about these vinyl wall art, I found it very attractive and interesting as well. It is not that that much difficult to order also, I searched through the net and placed the order and I got it as early. As we all know that placing a sticker on the wall is very easy, it just requires peeling of the sticker and applying it to wall and one more important thing is, one the sticker is used it can’t be reused again. So it has to be applied very carefully. In hurry, I applied in a wrong way and made a sticker waste and understood clearly regarding how to apply vinyl wall art to wall by reading through internet. There certain steps to be followed while placing the sticker on the wall.

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  • Wallshould be clean enough
    It is better to remove the dirt and dust off the wall. I cleaned the area of the wall where the sticker is supposed to place by sponge and made use of alcohol instead of water. The reason for using alcoholis it removes the dust very well from the wall rather than water.
  • I just made the correct position for the sticker on the wall and didn’t open the backside sticker immediately. I held the sticker properly on to the place of applying on the wall and then slowly removed the back sticker.
  • Remove the back sticker safely
    I saw three parts in the vinyl sticker when applying it to the wall: transfer film, back side paper and last but not the least the vinyl itself (which has the lovely art). Once I got confirmed that the sticker is secure in its position, then carefully removed the part of the transfer film on the vinyl.
  • Smooth the vinyl art
    Once I peeled the back sticker then smooth both the vinyl and the film with a sponge to 45 degree. I did with extreme care so that there shouldn’t be any air bubbles.


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