Quest for Snacks: Banana Wonton Wrappers

It’s been almost two months that the school has started and I keep on finding healthy snack recipes online to be Zoie’s packed food for school. Honestly, I wanted to learn to make ‘Bento’ snacks along with looking for some healthy snacks. Since the school started, I have tried to make a creative snack, but I can’t really create a decent one to be called as a ‘Bento’ snack box. Haha!

Anyway, though I can’t make a creative snack, I’ll try my best to make it interesting instead. And this chocolate recipe caught my attention… banana and chocolate in one crispy snack.


banana wonton wrappers

There, there… good thing she liked it.  Her snack box came back home empty!

Check the recipe on my own personal blog.



School Activities for the Month of August

Before the start of the month of August, the students of SMS is always been given a calendar of activities for the month. We have received our first calendar of activities when July started but we now we got it earlier for in August will be the first quarter exams for the school year.

We will be preparing our first big exam in the big school before we go find a ukulele musicians friend instrument for a plan of enrolling our Little Zoie to any beginners musical extra curriculum activities. Also, we are planning to enroll her in the school’s free ballet class available for all students to wanted to join.

Aside from the ‘exam highlight’ of the month, there is also the major school event that happens every August, Linggo ng Wika.  This school event includes, poster making contest, bigkasan or declamation, Sabayang Pagbigkas or group oration and other additional activities that goes with the Linggo ng Wika theme.

First Day on 2nd Grade

1st day 2nd grade

Today is my daughter’s first day of class, and she is now in second grade. This will be a different first day for her because we have transferred her to a big school. Way bigger than her former school which only housed less than 50 students. Since, it is her first day, I made hubby missed a couple of hours from work so I can accompany Little Zoie to her new school.

When we arrived at the school, I am the one who felt giddy and my daughter seemed relaxed. As we greeted her teacher and have her settle on her chair. I parted with a wave, I had kissed her before she went in. I cannot leave that instant and honestly, I am the one experiencing the separation anxiety. I had to drag myself out of the school, so I can leave her. Haha.

As a mom, I am kinda worried for her transfer though I have agreed to this. Bigger school means lots of students, and lots of students means different personalities and it is possible she might encounter kids with rough personalities. I pray she’ll be alright and also, she’ll know what to do if that happens. We thought her what to do in those kinds of situation. This morning, I had a feeling she cried because of ‘something’. You know, mother’s hunch.

This fear was confirmed when my little girl came home. First, she said that she enjoyed her big school. Then I asked her if she had a hard time looking for her service as they we’re released at the end of their period. She said she had a hard time, but when she saw my cousin, her aunt sending my niece to school, she pointed to Zoie where she can find the school service. Then in a small voice, she said “mom, i cried”. So, in a panic voice, I asked her why did she cry.  She said, a boy grabbed the cover of her pencil case and doesn’t want to give it back even though she’s trying to get it.  She cried, of course, being in a different environment, but then her girl classmates called out to their teacher and was told what had happened.  The teacher made the boy said sorry to her.

I was afraid she’ll might be bullied but as it turned out, as my interpretation, it may be the boy’s rough way to trying to get my daughter’s attention.  Maybe they wanted to be friends with her.  I am thankful because this did not make my daughter decide not to go to the school anymore.  It is just one experience for her and she’s strong enough to shake it off from her ‘happy 1st day of school’.  Thank GOD for that!  I didn’t realize she’s that strong despite always asking for help, and right then and there, I realized she’s really growing to be independent.  Time is flying so fast, next time I will not be able to hold her hand like I use to.

Just an emotional mom here…