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3 Moving Packing Tips


Moving requires time and effort. The preparation phase is the best time to organize all the necessities for the actual moving day, especially if you decide to hire professionals from packing and crating companies new jersey. The quicker they can complete their job, the faster the move will go and the less overtime costs you may incur.


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Here are three moving and packing tips to help make your move simpler.


Clean and Organize

When you begin preparing for your move, you will want to clean and organize your belongings. Dishes and laundry should be washed and dried so they can be packed without the danger that they may be stained due to unnoticed leftovers while in transit. Clean dishes can be packed without the worry that they might attract unwelcome critters that can infest your new home. Your other belongings should also be cleaned and dusted.

As you clean and organize, this is your last opportunity to de-clutter. If you had doubts about any of your effects, create a new pile for items you are going to donate instead. Purging is also advised. There is no reason to pack items that you have not used for an extended period of time.



Once you have organized your items and have started to make piles, remember to label what is placed in each box. Labels are going to help you and the movers put each box in the appropriate room, and they can aid the movers in determining how heavy each box may be. Boxes with books are likely to be heavier than the boxes with your bedding, so the movers can use the appropriate lifting equipment for each. During this step, you will want to label boxes that require extra care because they contain breakables or higher value property.


The Movers

While it is true that if you hired movers, you are already paying them a fee, but you may consider putting out some drinks and snacks to help them stay hydrated and their energy up. If the move is taking place during the warmer months, it will be especially considerate. You are also advised to have cash on hand so that you are able to tip them when the job is complete.


Preparing for a move is not an overnight task. A successful and seamless move requires organization, labeling and cash on hand to tip.


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