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Quartz Slabs


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Natural stone has played a major role in the building of our societies from the beginning of time, and its use, especially in architecture, has provided us with majestic buildings that have survived down through the ages. Stone’s endurance and durability has had the power to safeguard our political, religious, residential, and commercial structures as well as prove extremely decorative due to the grandeur of its markings.

Quartz has a unique quality of translucence that adds to its magnificence. It is often installed with light bulbs behind it to make the stone glow and enhance the radiance of its colors. Quartz is resistant and hard and is therefore suitable for any application.

Every type of natural stone has different structural properties that impact on its feel and look. Quartzite has a smooth feel together with variations and veins with a combination of colors that makes every piece unique.

The most popular finish for natural stone has always been a polished, shiny, and smooth finish. The leather finish is a new and improved non-reflective finish that has been growing in popularity. Rather than having a uniform and smooth surface, it enhances natural veins by slightly carving softer areas on the surface, which results in a unique leather-like feel.

White quartzites are rapidly becoming one of the most demanded stones for kitchen countertops in Southern California because they are harder, more resistant to stains and scratches, require less maintenance, all without taking away from the beauty.

Different stone types have their own molecular structures. Quartz, quartzite, and granite are hard stones that are ideal for the kitchen and other high traffic areas. They are not scratched by steel, which allows you to safely cut food on them. Those hard stones have a resistance to breakage, and even if you are sometimes careless as you perform your everyday tasks, you don’t run the risk of breaking the stone.

You normally don’t need anything special to clean stone; often you just need soap and water. Beware of using acidic products such as ammonia or Windex because they can cause etching. Instead, consider using a stone specific product that will make the stone glow and look good. Some of the products contain sealer to fill the pores of the stone, if there are any.

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