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Tips on Lamp Placement and Lamp Shades



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Lamps and lamp shades can affect the aesthetics of a room and the functionality of a space. General, task, accent and decorative lighting are the four basic types of lighting to include in a décor. Of those four types, lamps are often used as general, task and decorative lighting. It’s important to select lamps and lamp shades that provide the type of lighting a specific area requires.

Choosing Lamp Shades

When you begin shopping for lamps shades, you’ll quickly notice that there’s a lot of diversity in the sizes, shapes and styles of lampshades. There are a few key tips to help you narrow down your choices and make a final decision. One factor to consider is the size of the area where the lamp will be placed. A large area can accommodate any lamp shade design or shape. Square or rectangular shade work best in small spaces. Shades with a straight- line design can be placed on a table and pushed closer to the wall than a round shade. A bell shade or empire shade is a good shape for a reading area. This type of shade can be used on a table lamp or floor lamp.

Decorative Lamp and Shades

The base of a decorative lamp can be its most distinctive feature. On the other hand, a decorative shade can be the eye-catching feature on a simplistically shaped base. There’s also the possibility that you can achieve an aesthetic cohesiveness with the base and shade so that the entire lamp becomes a statement piece in a room. Wicker lamp shades are a good example of a lamp shade style that pairs well with a variety of lamp bases. Wicker shades are ideal for a cottage décor. Wicker shades and a wrought iron base can complement a rustic or modern décor. The color of a lamp shade is also a feature to consider. White shades add elegance and serenity to a décor. Red, green and blue are popular color choices for lamp shades.

Lamps can brighten up a dull corner in a room, illuminate a reading area or provide the direct light you need in a workspace. Lamps shades influence the disbursement of the light. It’s important to choose the proper shade so that you get the desired benefit from the lamp.

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