Earnest With Music

Has your kid being eager learning how to play an instrument, or trying to learn anything about music?

That’s what I’m experiencing with my little Zoie recently.  Too bad because I don’t have any slightest idea how to play any instrument!  Actually it was my frustration to play a keyboard back in the day, that’s why ‘Santa’ gave her one.

Right now, her first musical interest is singing with a little keyboard-playing interest on the side, maybe in a few months time she’ll ask me to let her learn keyboards, then maybe in a few years she’ll have me buy one for her so she can learn how to play rock music. Haha. Well, that is still a maybe.

Of course, what ever she will want to pursue, music or arts or academics, whatever it is, I’ll make sure I have her back.  I’ll be supportive with my kids with whatever talent they want to hone.

Anyway, have you seen any used trumpets for sale at MF they’re selling used instruments… You might want to check it out.

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