Zoie’s 1st Big School Field Demonstration

A field demonstration is a school program which all student levels participate.  It is one big school day.  Sports fest and all grade levels prepare dance presentations for this day.  It is always celebrated during December, but since there was a storm falling in the city, they suspended the celebration and moved it on a most suitable date.  And it was scheduled yesterday.

My Zoie was excited to show me her practiced dance moves for the presentation.  It was supposed to be a family event for us, unfortunately, MIL needed hubby for an errand yesterday in which me and Zoie got a chance to join after her dance presentation.

The field demo’s theme is ‘Zumba’.  The fun thing is the faculty also joined in the presentation by preparing their own Zumba dance before the kids started their own presentation.  Of course, before everything started we need to have our own photo opp.  Just picked a few photos to post, the rest are posted in FB.

field demo classmates

Zoie with her classmates Ayesha (L) & Natalyn (R)

field demo performance

1st performance:  She’s at the middle one, she got the moves. 

I have a video of this dance, and since I am not really good at recording a video, there are lots of flaws and I am not proud to post it here.  It will be for personal watching.  Lols.

field demo finale

2nd performance: Look like she’s having fun dancing.

field demo mom & daughter

Look at those eyes… little chinita! 

I’m so proud of her!  She’s really coping up with this big school life!

‘Till her next field demonstration!


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