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Planning a 7th Birthday Party


Less than a month from now, our not-so-little Little Zoie is going to celebrate her 7th birthday. I don’t know about you but, I don’t want to get into the hype of celebrating a kid’s party which seemed to be a debut birthday celebration, the 18th birthday for teens with dances and flowers and all.  So far, I’ve been attending party such as those and I think that it is not practical for us to spend that much money because a simple party with fun games and welcomed visitors can already create a special memory to a child.  Now, I’m planning, frugally, a Sofia the First themed 7th birthday party to my daughter, Zoie.

I’ve been listing down party ideas I compiled from Pinterest, the invitations, possible decors and party favors. I have seen collector’s series of Sofia the First dolls which are very expensive.  I listed down menu that we will serve for the kids.

I am still brainstorming for the 2-layer chocolate cake I would like to make for my little girl.  I might not be too grandeur with the whole party and all, but I am definitely making a statement through my Sofia the First cake.  Well, let’s just see about that, I pretty hope that I can deliver.

As of the moment, I am asking my sisters-in-law and Zoie’s godmothers if they can sponsor or contribute something for the party.  By the way, the party is going to be held at Zoie’s school.  See, I don’t need to spend anything for the venue.


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