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Her First Water Sports


Yes, you read the post right, she did her first water sports/activity last Christmas, Dec 25 – 26 and she was very ecstatic about her 2-day beach experience.  She cannot remember the beach experience she had when she was 2 years then, now, hopefully this experience she will get to go back to and tell stories about this to her friends.

Just like the mommy, we get to experience our ‘first time’.  First time in snorkeling, first time in banana boat ride and first time to ride a motor boat.  Let me show you how the little girl had fun during her Christmas day beach holiday.

PS. Grabbed some photos in my personal blog.  Review about the Sigayan Bay beach is in my site too. Thanks!

Day 1: Touchdown at Laiya, Batangas at 2:00pm. Ready for check-in.

Christmas Beach 04
The next few hours of the stay was just playing in the water in the shore line.  Then after a couple of hours simply enjoying the sand, snorkeling activity was up.

Christmas Beach 09
beach zoie02

bech zoie05
After this fun water activity, the little girl can’t stop describing all the fishes that she saw.  She said she saw ‘Dory’ the blue and black fish from the Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo’.  She also found a white and black stripes fish, sorry guys I don’t know the name.

Day 2:  Early morning walking on the beach, then breakfast.  Walking in the beach again for the little girl, tagging along her titas with a little swimming.  At around 10 am, we were waiting for our banana boat ride.

beach zoie01

Christmas Beach 08Strapped in our vests.

beach zoie03

The next activity was the ‘Flying Fish’ ride.  I haven’t experienced nor seen this activity because I have to take little Matti back to the room to rest.  It was raining and he fell asleep during his ride in the speed boat as it tagged along our banana boat.  But during this activity, Zoie got to ride the boat along with her grandma.

bech zoie04

This was just an overnight stay, so like any other overnight stay, we need to check out at 12 noon, but they let us extend until 2pm since nobody is checking in yet.  So, after these activities we needed to pack away our stuff while Zoie still keeps saying she still wants to go back snorkeling.  Daddy had to talk to her to coming back again and do snorkeling next time.

So, till next time Sigayan Bay Beach, we really had a fun stay!


Mommy Bonz

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