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October 2014

After Zoie’s School Halloween party on the 23rd, she was again invited by my SIL for another trick-or-treat event at their office.  It’s not just a regular trick-or-treat, the office administration has hired a magician to show some magic tricks for the kids attending the said event.  Isn’t it cool?  Zoie really loves to watch magic shows.

Now, let’s look around their trick-or-treat adventures at an undisclosed BPO company where SIL works. ^_^



HP16 HP17
Do you want to be a call center personnel too? Lols!

HP18 A Monster Inc hat on a Minions background.


Now an official Monster, Inc. student! Haha!


Lastly, the magic show for kids.  Food for the kids are distributed in the party as well.

After the party, the kids were all tired and wished that there will be another fun trick-or-treat party on SIL’s office next year again.


Halloween are one of the yearly events kids get excited to dress up and receive candies and treats, and this time, Little Zoie has participated in her school’s yearly Halloween party.  She’s definitely excited to attend with her best friend, and aunt, Ica.

Since it is their first time for a Halloween Trick-or-Treat in school, the two girls decided to wear something matchy-matchy… Can you think of a costume that can be matched together?

The two went as… Angry Birds’ Chuck and Red respectively.



They’ll be using the same costume in my SIL’s Trick-or-Treat party for kids in her office the next day too.  Anyway, below are pictures hubby took during their trick-or-treat, and heads up, watch out for a little boy who join in the fun too!  Haha!

HP02 HP03

Waiting for more students to arrive…

Super heroes are all over the place…

HP06Spiderman is here.

HP10 HP09
Siblings became SuperBoy and SuperGirl.
Did you see the little Batman already?  ^_^

Wizards and witches are here also…


Dracula wouldn’t want to miss the fun too!

Don’t be scared because this little knight is ready to protect us!


But you want to see something really scary???


This big boy won the scariest costume from the lot!

Now, now… It is very obvious that my Little Zoie and the tag-along Batman had fun with their Halloween Trick-or-Treat in big girl’s school!



A couple of days have been passed and I haven’t posted Little Zoie’s recent school event which we have prepared as early as the start of the school year.

I say that we have prepared it early because I am already anticipating that we will not buy another national costume of a certain country for we have only used the one I bought two years ago, and to think the costume still fits her.  So, I’ve decided to make her wear it again but representing a different country this time.  Don’t worry I’ll show you the 2012 UN photo of my little girl with the said costume at the end of the post.

The venue of the school event was held at Muntinlupa Sports Complex, where we celebrated the Linggo ng Wika 2014 as well.  We also brought food to share with her classmates and their families.  Actually it was a great opportunity to let them taste the cupcakes I am learning to bake, so I brought 1 dozen 3oz. cupcakes and 2 dozen 1oz. cupcakes.

Anyway, here are the pictures of Little Zoie’s United Nations school event.

We are still waiting for other participants, and parents/guardians, to arrive so photo opp is the favorite past time.


The parade of students on their respective national costume is the start of the program, but while we are still in line… another photo opp to entertain the active kids.


She was supposed to walk the stage with her brother as her partner, unfortunately, the little guy just wanted to grab the microphone all to himself.


And lastly, like any other school event, she never fails to show her singing talent. Of course, as a mom, I am very proud of her.


Oh well, apologies for my fatness! HAHA! ^_^

Here is Little Zoie, the first time she wore this costume as a representative of the country of Finland.