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Waiting For Our Dresses. What Shoes to Get?


Last weekend we are scheduled to pick up the the dresses of the entourage of my friend’s wedding next month.  The entourage included me and my Little Zoie.  My daughter is one of the flower girls and me, the mommy, is one of the secondary sponsors.  I was supposed to be a bridesmaids but I am already married and can not be included in the ‘maids’ part of the entourage.

So, the scheduled pick up hasn’t materialized because of the storm that hit the metro last weekend and it left most of the cities flooded.  That was a bad timing for us, but we have yet to see, and I am excited about it, our sponsor dresses.  I just wish that this is one of those inexpensive bridesmaid dresses in ( because our friend has asked if we could shoulder the expense on our own entourage dresses.  It is clear that we will be paying and it is not included in my friend’s wedding budget.  Anyway, since we are the ones who are going to wear the dresses, it is fine by me.

Below is the same color and style but not the same skirt length of the dress.  Also, an additional yellow belt around the waist that is detachable.

Ruched A-line One-shoulder Long Prom Dress

Since I haven’t seen the final dress, I still can’t figure what cheap wedding shoes I can match with this color of gown.  I know it can go very well with silver but I wanted to try other styles also.  Might as well check TBDress shoes gallery too (…

Lookie, lookie here!  This pair of peep-toe platform shoes is a great match!  ^_^

Princess Style Peep-toe Lace Platform Wedding Shoes


Hopefully, by next weekend, the dresses are all ready to pick up.  I need a lot of time to choose a pair of pretty shoes for the lovely blue dress.



Mommy Bonz


  1. Mitch

    peep toe shoes will be lovely. try also the shade of silver. 🙂

    02 . Oct . 2014
  2. Jersey

    how was the fitting of the dress, sis? did you get the dress already?

    05 . Oct . 2014

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