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August 24, 2014

I know that homecoming events are the events that are on a look out this season, and prom is still months away. But for high school girls who wants to be famous and fabulous at their prom party, it is not too early to plan ahead.

I have been in my teenager stage that we were to attend our school prom.  I was not into it back then, so let’s just say that I did attend that school event but didn’t really prepared for it.  Looking back, I might have little regrets because of it.  Now that I have my daughter, more years to wait for her own prom night, I am willing to impart some ideas, tips and tricks before that big night for high school students.

I remember my prom night having dress codes, coordinators will announce what colors scheme that will coordinate with the prom night’s theme.  Back then it was an ‘old rose’ theme.  It was a last minute decision to come to the prom and I have decided to have my prom dress customized.  Have I known that there are available cheap prom dresses, I would have not stressed myself in having my prom dress finished by the day of the prom.  Shopping is the easiest way for time constraint event preparation.

I should have tried picking some prom dresses at WillPD, they have beautiful prom dresses over there.





Should have I picked any of these cheap prom dresses I would have lots of time to prepare for that special night.  I would have more time to get some accessories and more time to pick for the perfect shoes for the event.

Oh well, what can I say, it might have turned out to be a more special night if I had given lots of thought about prom.