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Declamation (Talumpati) Piece For Linggo ng Wika


I didn’t see this coming… Lols!

If you know me and my kids personally, you will know that I have raised my kids in a household that speaks in English.  Before I gave birth to my eldest, me and hubby agreed that we are going to teach our kids the English language first, then later in their early school years will be the Tagalog.  We just wanted them to have a good English language foundation even before they started learning.

So, now I am really surprised, let’s just say, shocked, that my daughter was given a declamation, talumpati in Tagalog, task in the upcoming school event, the Linggo ng Wika.  Since this school event is all about the Filipino dialect, I am quite reserved as to what will be this task’s output.  A little English speaking girl, who is not very fond of Tagalog words is going to memorize this heavy Tagalog words and perform it on a stage.  I know she doesn’t have any stage fright, she’s a performer at an early age, but this is different.

Honestly, she cried when she learned how hard the Tagalog words she needed to memorize and doesn’t want to continue anymore.  As a mom, we don’t want our kids to experience hard things, but this time it is different.  It is about getting a school work done, no matter how hard it is and even it takes days pass our deadline, which in this case, next Friday, August 29, I will not teach her to give up and not complete this task.

It may be hard for her, it is also hard for me because I don’t know how will I make her memorize this piece in time for the school event.  It is a challenge for both of us, and I would not teach her to give up on a challenge without even trying our hardest.  Before the deadline or pass the deadline we are going to memorize this piece, in Tagalog.  (I am going to inform her teacher if we are able to finish memorizing this piece before Thursday.)



Declamation piece below.

talumpati ni zoie

Mommy Bonz

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