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Reviewing for Exams Week (1st Quarter)


Last week Little Zoie was absent because of her fever and cough, and since her class was just reviewing for the upcoming 1st quarter exams this coming August 13-15 (Wed toFri), we decided to just let her stay at home and rest and once in a while she’ll get to review for her lessons.

She got well before the weekend so the once in while review has became a serious studying.  Though she did not get to attend school last week, we got a hold of a copy of their pointers.  Of course, as a mom, I have to gather intel regarding what happened in school whenever my little girl is absent.  Do they have assignments and or will have a quiz on the next day, or such.



Just to make sure that everything we reviewed are well understood, I gave her quizzes in all her subjects.



There are subjects and lessons she still gets confused but we still have a couple more days to iron that out.  Hopefully she’ll not get confused by the time of the exams.

God bless you and your exams, Little Zoie!



Mommy Bonz

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