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August 9, 2014

Nutrition month has already passed and we are currently anticipating another school event, Linggo ng Wika.  I always anticipate such school events because I know we are going to prepare costumes for our little students.  Just like the okra costume me and my mother-in-law helped create.

okra costume done
from my personal blog, bonzworld.com


Linggo ng Wika is one school event for the month of August, Nutrition month is last month, July, of course, it happens every year.  Like most of the school events, we will be needing another costume.  We had one for the last two years but I’m afraid it doesn’t fit Little Zoie anymore.  She has grown way taller than last year, and maybe they’ll be requiring a different Filipina costume for this year’s Linggo ng Wika.

her Baro’t Saya since 2012

The next school event that I’m sure to prepare a month earlier will be the United Nations Day.  Just as practiced, each student will represent a country, included in the United Nations Organization, and will wear that country’s national costume.  See, another costume to prepare!  Haha.  I don’t want to be stressed out with this kind of extra curricular activity expenses that’s why I am anticipating it way too early.  The latter school event I mentioned is to be held on October, fall season.

Speaking of fall season, another school event that pops in my mind is a homecoming event.  This event is when the homecoming royalties, the homecoming king and queen, have been anticipating months ahead just like me.  And it will be a great help for the returning alumni to be able to prepare for their big event by visiting this site — http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Homecoming-Dresses-2014-102332/ — pick out their perfect homecoming dresses 2014.


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Preparing for any school events, big or small, ahead of time is not such a bad idea.  Of course, take note also, to inquire on things relating to the school event.  If you just assume on what costumes your kids should wear, instead of creating a smooth and steady flow when preparing, it will all be headache if you miss on details.  That’s why, ahead of time, I am already shooting my questions on upcoming school events weeks earlier.  As soon as possible if you must.