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August 5, 2014

The big sister really cried hard on this… poor Ate Zoie…

1st bite matti


This is the first time when my little boy bit his big sister.  This happened this morning when the kiddos were happily playing with each other and the little boy got too excited as they played.  So, when he reached his big sister, her thigh actually, the big kid didn’t anticipate that her little brother is about to bite her.  I just got surprised when Little Zoie was crying hard and loud, their dad was the one looking after them, and he was surprised as well.

Aww… I know that hurts because the little boy tends to bite me whenever we play and gets too excited.  Just to ease the pain and will not leave a big dark bruise on her leg, I put an ice on the affected area.  We have to talk to Zoie that it was just an accident and baby Matti did not intend to bite her.  He’s just too happy to play and gets a little too excited.  The ever-understanding girl said that she’s okay and she understands, both kids hugged and kiss.  What sweet little kids… I am too blessed with them.

After the big sister felt better already, they went back to playing together.

Siblings… they hurt and make up altogether.  ♥