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July 2014

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Tea Collection’s new arrivals are here!

These new styles are inspired by Germany’s early 20th century school of Bauhaus, which became famous for its radical union of art and design, and transformed everything from architecture to music.  Tea Collection’s new arrivals feature bold primary colors and modern geometric shapes; fairy tale romance meets art nouveau.  The perfect combination for little ones ready for fun and adventure, and perfect for back-to-school too!

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Being stylish or fashionable doesn’t always mean you have to break your piggy bank just to show off and be confident with how you look in the outside, all you need to do is to arm yourself with the right do’s and don’ts along with your style confidence.

I don’t know about you but I, mostly, go with my own style instinct if not I’ll find my style inspiration somewhere.  The key is, you should know how to balance your overall look, from your outfit to your accessories and be confident with what you choose to wear.  Take note, not in an expensive way.  Well, that’s just me.

Let me share to you, readers, some tips and tricks I use to guide me in styling myself.

  • First and foremost, I follow the quote, less is more.  I believe it goes with both the clothes and the accessories we wear that goes with the whole outfit.  Wearing all your jewelries pieces of each kind, earrings and necklaces and bracelets and rings can really be overwhelming.
  • If you are wearing a dress or blouse with a neckline designed with glitters and sequins, you don’t need to wear any bold statement necklaces around your neck, a thin chain can already do wonders.  If you prefer to wear earrings instead of a necklace, make sure you wear the small stud ones to not overly compete with the busy neckline.

European Fashion Style Earrings Blooming Flowers Female Earrings


  • Coordinate your clothes with the accessories you are wearing.  If you are wearing understated clothes, you can pair it with bold accessories.  Play with colors and designs, don’t be afraid.  Or if you are wearing clothes with too much designs, that’s the time you need to tone down your accessories.
  • Put balance in everything.  Mind the sizes of the accessories you wear.  If you are already wearing a large dangling earring, pair it with a small necklace, or better yet don’t wear a necklace at all.  Don’t wear a bold belt if you want your necklace to be your statement accessory.
  • Finally, and the most important of all, for me I mean, I don’t have to spend too much in buying, both my clothes and the accessories that I like.  There are cheap jewelries:  cheap earrings, cheap necklaces, cheap bracelets and cheap rings that doesn’t look cheap at all.  There are elegant-looking pieces we can find as long as we know where to find them, like the site  This online store is worth a visit, I found fun and elegant pieces of cheap earrings ( and other jewelries you’ll definitely love.  There’s nothing wrong in being thrifty as long as you know which items you have to be thrifty of.

Sweet Rhinestone Bowknot With Cat's Eye Earrings - Pink


It may seem that these style tips focuses on accessories because honestly, I believe that accessories are the ones that liven up an entire outfit.  It either can dress up a plain outfit or tone down the busy ones, with the right style inspiration, mix-and-match combination, it will spice up your whole outfit of the day.




After last week’s episode of getting sick and recuperating, she is now ready for school and she’s very excited to see her classmates again.

One thing she’s also excited about is, after a month of wearing civilian clothes, she is now going to wear her uniform! Finally!


in uniform

Lols, it’s not that we’re tired of her OOTDs but of course, it is still good to wear their school uniform than not.  Also, she look so cute in them. ^_^ But I am sad to realize that my little girl is growing so fast right before my eyes.  The little girl that used to be at home and learning with me is now my first grader.  Time fly so fast, right?