Ideas in Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are as important as birthdays being celebrated every year, and I would like to talk about wedding anniversaries because my 7th year wedding anniversary is coming in a couple of months.  So far, in our six years of marriage we only get to spend our wedding anniversary in an inexpensive way, cooking a little feast for us.

Just to experience something new this coming anniversary of ours, I would like to compile some tips or ideas on how to spend me and my hubby’s very momentous day in different ways.

Renewal of Marriage Vows.

Now, this is an expensive way to celebrate ones wedding anniversary.  I think renewing marriage vows are applicable to couples who are already in their 20 years in marriage and beyond.  Of course, it will still be the couples decision if they will want to renew it sooner than their 20th year.  Given a chance I can renew my vows, I am definitely be looking for options of cheap plus size wedding dresses because my old wedding dress, though still in fashion, will not fit to me anymore, much more wearing it after 10+ years.  This reminds me to bookmark this page — for future wedding dress reference.

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Or you can renew your vows in a subtle way just by repeating your marriage vows again over a candle light dinner.

Upgrade your Wedding Bands.

Another off-the-pocket but a very meaningful wedding anniversary gift.  Both of you can choose a new pair of wedding bands signifying the strength of  your marriage and how time keeps you together and still madly in love.

Go on a trip.

Plan a simple, or extravagant, but fun vacation trip for the two of you.  Or if the budget doesn’t permit you to do so, just visit a nearest tourist destination and have fun.

Plan a Romantic Dinner for 2.

No kids allowed on your wedding anniversary when though you are just celebrating it with a candlelight dinner.  It will be best if you can go and watch a romantic movie on a last full show time slot.

Pick a Significant Gift.

There are corresponding themes associated with the years of your marriage.  I am celebrating my 7th year this August so I might give my husband a gift using the traditional theme.  For my 7 years of marriage, a gift made up of wool or copper is a tradition.  For 10 years, you can give tin or aluminum.  For 20 years, China; and so on.


Celebrating wedding anniversaries can have a long list of different, fun and romantic celebration ideas, but whatever you choose on what way to celebrate that memorable day of your lives, still the most important factor in your marriage is staying together and keeping the fire of love alive against all odds.


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