Mommy & Me Time: Crafts with Princess Ariel

Nothing beats bonding time with kids.  Spending time with them are memories they will always remember.  ^_^

Yesterday, I was about to start working on some tasks that afternoon because I know my kids were taking a nap, when suddenly I got surprised when Little Zoie popped out our bedroom door.  She just woke up from her afternoon nap time.  The big sister slept first, ahead of baby Matti.

At first, I let her play with her toys when I remember that she has do-it-yourself accessories from last Christmas.  It was a gift from one of her aunts.  I know she will love to make bracelets and necklaces because she has started a liking of wearing all her necklaces and bracelets together.  Making a new one will add up to her colorful collection.  The ‘liking’ started last month.


Anyway, I took the chance of creating a bracelet and a necklace for her since the little boy was sleeping so deeply, though he’s asking for milk (breast milk) every now and then.  Other than that, he has just gone back to sleep.


It was supposed to be her activity but because of her little patience and too small beads opening, she handed the materials to me and made me make it. Haha.  She just sat there beside me and supervised the design she wanted to put in her bracelet and necklace.  The finished product?  Look below. ^_^


This was my first time and I couldn’t put in the lock, so bear with me.  Lols!


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