Fun & Learning At The Same Time

Oh, toys… Who doesn’t love toys?

Kids and kids at heart love toys in different sizes and kinds.  Right now the trending toy for kids ages 5 and up are tablets.  Are you among the people consider it as a kids’ toy and not an adult gadget?

A lot of people are considering it as a kids’ toy because majority of kids I’m seeing are very busy playing with it.  And yes, kids at that young age loves tablets as a toy, even my Little Zoie is asking one but I rather not give in to her request.  I would rather give her an educational toy, or a learning tool, that helps stimulate or increase brain development and also, in moving her whole body everywhere and not just lying or sitting down.

I can say a multi-function learning table with chair, from Starkids, can do the job.  Making kids work with their imagination, get busy, as they move around to write, draw and color using this kind of very handy toy.

I remember that I was planning of buying the same learning table, but from a different manufacturer, in a department store a few months ago but ended up not buying it.  I forgot the reason why I did not buy it.  Anyway, now that I saw this learning tool for kids online, at Lazada Philippines, I now have an opportunity to buy this toy after all.




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