I Don’t Like Hospitals…

It was more than a week ago when mommy got hospitalized and I can still clearly remember how the white-dressed people, daddy call them ‘nurses’, give mommy medications.

As far as I know, I don’t like injections and needles pricking through my fingers whenever my doctor needs blood test if I’m sick.  And it doesn’t make me like it more when I saw mommy getting injected on her hands on her stay at the hospital last week.  🙁 I know the needle is not connected to any medical gas cylinders but it seems that it is attached to something with water in it.  My Tita P, mom’s little sister, said that it will help mommy eat and get nutrients as of the moment.


from mom’s food and health blog…

Well, mommy’s so sick so she doesn’t eat a lot of foods that’s why she got hospitalized.  Also, they said that she needed to get eating again because baby Matti is already inside mommy’s tummy and the baby needs food inside.  ^_^  Now, I’m excited about the baby!

I really don’t like to stay at hospitals even though mommy told me that I also got confined in it back in 2010.  She told me that a needle was also on my hand because I was dehydrated for coughing and throwing up too much.  I kinda imagined that mommy’s needle is the same as my needle before… am I right?

From now on, I’ll try to help mommy make me healthy, I don’t want to be injected with needles and syringes nor see a sight of any gas cylinders, even small nitrogen cylinders, which mommy says for industrial use only, or a bottle/ plastic with clear liquids inside it in any hospitals.  I will be a healthy little growing girl! ^_^


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