The Girl in Pink Baro’t Saya Costume

I haven’t received any of the pictures I took of my Little Zoie’s Linggo ng Wika event from my cousin’s camera.  Too bad.

Fortunately, I have a few shots of my little one at home, before we went to school.  Here are the couple of the shots I took with hubby’s BB phone.



She doesn’t look excited in the picture, right?  I tell you, she’s excited alright.  Too excited so when our service is late to pick us up and send to school, she really got bored.  She didn’t even smile when the cartoons she’s watching, Pororo, is making fun of what they discovered to be a men’s hat.  Not a smirk at all.  ^_^

There are a lot of pictures to share to everyone but I still need to get those photos.  Don’t worry before the week ends, I’ll definitely publish them here and in Facebook.  😉


Also sharing this pink costume for Pink Saturday meme.

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