School Girl in Uniform

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, although it was raining my Little Zoie’s preschool hasn’t announced their suspension of classes.

I already have set my decision of not letting her go to school but seeing the excitement in her eyes when she learned she’ll be wearing her uniform for the first time, I let her dressed up.

While waiting for the rain to stop before setting out for school, I took some pictures of her wearing her school uniform, not a cherokee workwear scrubs, for the first time.  ^_^

IMG00356-20120703-0918 IMG00359-20120703-0919

After this little photoshoot, the rain was still pouring hard, I decided to inform her teacher that she’s not to school.  But was I was starting to compose my message, she texted me that there’s no school for today.  It was rather late for them to cancel the classes, so I made a discretion that next time it will rain, we without any announcement, she’s not come to school.  I am more concern about her health and safety, because we are commuting, than charging in the rain just to attend school.

Also, I want to share Little Zoie’s song while waiting for the rain to stop so she can go to school…

“Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day,

Little Zoie wants to go to school!”

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  1. Is it just me or everyone thinks little girls and boys in preschool/kindergarten uniform are the cutest? I cannot wait for my toddler to go to school!

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