3 More Stars/Stickers in Week 2

Last week, Little Zoie didn’t get 5 out of 5 stars/stickers.

Nope. I’m not regretting that, I know that she’s doing her best in school, and I know that she’s doing a great job everyday.

Actually, there’s a story behind why she got 3 stars/stickers.

Monday was a regular routine for the class: learning, writing and other activities. ย And that she got a ‘Happy’ star.

0925 star Monday star

Tuesday, it’s a birthday celebration of one of her classmates, Maxene. This will be a different post. The party lasts for an hour and 15 minutes, so the remaining 45 minutes was supposed to be regular classes.
But that’s not the case, they little children we’re already hyper because of all the games in the party so the attention for learning is not there anymore. The teacher decided to let them color the rest of the class since they are not paying attention anymore. So, no star there.

Wednesday. The little one was in no mood to smile because she didn’t get a star. But when I checked her Diary notebook, it said ‘Good job’. I suspected that they ran out of ink in their stamp pad to stamp the ‘Happy’ star.

My suspicion was confirmed the next day… they are now getting stickers for their job well done in school!

IMG00334-20120628-1239ย Thursday ‘Great Effort’ sticker

Same goes on Friday…

IMG00349-20120629-1214ย Friday ‘Excellent’ sticker

Let’s see if they’re giving ‘Happy’ stars or stickers next week… ๐Ÿ™‚

Great job, my Little Zoie!

Her little reward… she’s requesting donuts for all her stars/stickers. ย ^_^

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10 Replies to “3 More Stars/Stickers in Week 2”

  1. good that you checked the progress of your child. especially if you know that she excels in school. my nanay also did the same with me way back in 1st grade, she noticed that my notebooks are always empty and only few lines are written. turned out, i can’t read from my seat anymore, so i need glasses. anyway, to make the story short, kudos for hardworking moms like you.

  2. according to currently work status i can say that these child will perform nice work in his normal life.

  3. My son always shows his stamps whenever he gets home from school. He even tells me the reason why he didn’t get one for that day. That simple thing really makes my (us, moms) day!

    Good job Zoie! Your mom’s very proud of you!

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