Happy Birthday, Classmate!

It’s just the second week of my Little Zoie’s Kindergarten days and a birthday event has been celebrated yesterday.  It was Little Zoie’s classmate, Maxene.


The pink girl sitting is Maxene.

It was the first birthday among the classmates and since the whole of Kindergarten 1 is consists of 6 students in all, the mother of the birthday celebrant invited the kids in the Toddler section as well. Good thing, I was able to go to the supermarket the day before the birthday and bought the birthday girl a present.

birthdayparty@school 01

The party was full of games, and of course food.  The highlights are the games.  The party started with singing a birthday song to the celebrant, then a prayer.

They all sat down on the carpeted floor and pray…

The first game was ‘Bring Me’.  I am one of the parents who were on the party that day and I want my Little Zoie to play fair, so I decided not to help her with any games.  I was really holding myself back not to be a stage mom here.  All I did was take pictures in the background, is that being a stage mom too?!?!  ^_^

IMG00266-20120626-1012Zoie won the category ‘Bring Me your teacher…’

Second game, ‘Find The Eggs’ like an egg-hunting game during Easter Sunday.

Photobucket IMG00269-20120626-1014

My little one actually found to eggs during the game. She’s the first one to find an egg, and then she still looked some more and found another one!

Third game is ‘Trip to Jerusalem’, or also known as musical chairs.  I took the video of the game and pictures as well.  😉  But I’ll be sharing a photo of the game played.

After the three tiring games, the teachers let them eat. Maxene’s party foods are care of McDonald’s SM-Muntinlupa.


After eating, there are still two games to be played.  ‘Scoop the Marbles’ and ‘Pin That Tail’ respectively.


IMG00298-20120626-1101 IMG00294-20120626-1100

Sorry I didn’t have a picture on ‘Pin That Tail’, I only have a video but I haven’t uploaded it.
After all the five games, it’s time to hand out the loot bags and little balloons as well.

IMG00306-20120626-1118 IMG00308-20120626-1119

The party lasted for 1 hour and a half leaving 45 more minutes in resuming their regular class.  Do you think this already hyper kids will listen for any discussion?  Nah, I don’t think so.  ^_^  Because as I was waiting beyond the room for their class to end, while surfing on a free wi-fi for a WordPress slider, a plugin I want to install on my blog, I can still hear the little kiddos still giggling and laughing.

When their class ended, at the same time I finished checking out SlideDeck, I learned from Teacher Gen, she’s also my cousin, that they only practice writing and had a little color activity too since the children are not in the mood for learning. They are still in the mood of having fun.  Go figure!  ^_^

As you can see, yesterday was definitely one of Little Zoie’s fun day at school!

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