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What are Cuff Links?

I saw one of these before but I didn’t know what its called until last Christmas. ^_^

Last Christmas in hubby’s workplace, they also have the tradition of exchanging gifts, and the person whom hubby gave a to asked for a cuff link.

I didn’t know that it is like a small button (in different shapes), stylish ones, which are mostly used in formal clothes to fasten like a button.  Men and women use it, it can be used on a cuff of  women’s dresses or blouses or men’s long sleeves cuffs.

If you will look for it in department stores, just like we did, you will find that there are plenty of designs to choose from.  They have transit token cufflinks, silver plated cufflinks, jewelry cufflinks, and cufflinks can also be customized.  Some cufflinks are expensive and since their exchanging gift budget is just an affordable amount, we didn’t buy the expensive links just the one which are already stylish but not expensive.

Here is what you do with cufflinks:

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