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Save Up in GlobalEyeglasses

Who doesn’t want to save up in buying something you need, right?

In buying something you need includes buying your prescription eyeglasses.  This prescription eyeglasses are always expensive, it is always hard to find an eyeglasses store offering discount eyeglasses on their racks.  I know, because I am one of those who looks for cheap eyeglasses but doesn’t compromise its style and quality.

But with eyeglasses’ style, quality, price and service are all in!  GlobalEyeglasses is your global leader in direct retailing of professionally made prescription eyeglasses.  Why buy their eyeglasses?  Here’s why…

  1. Their expertise are proven and tested, their eyeglasses are properly aligned and have certified accurate prescription.
  2. They’re giving up to 70% saving if you purchase their eyeglasses, even online.
  3. They will conveniently send your order right to your doorstep.
  4. If any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply send it back and request an exchange or refund.
  5. Their lenses and coating (used) are all FDA approve.
  6. They have helpful customer service representatives that can help you with your order or any queries you may want to ask.
Savings and convenience, right?  Grab your pair with style and savings at


How Fetal Doppler Works?

Have you seen a fetal doppler?

Fetal doppler is a device used to detect and measure fetal heart rate of the baby inside the mother’s womb.  It is only one of the types a fetal heart monitoring has, there are quite a few more.  Other types are fetoscope, electronic fetal monitoring, internal fetal monitoring, and telemetry monitoring.

So how does fetal doppler works?  It is said, according to, to measure fetal heart rate by emitting and receiving continuous ultrasonic sound waves and emitting the change or shift in pitch frequency of these sound waves.   This is called the Doppler Effects.

I want to share what fetal doppler is because I was inspired to post one.  I accompany a close friend last week to her OB-GYNE for her monthly pregnancy checkup.  And I got curious how fetal doppler works.

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