toddler steps: i’m brushing my teeth!

mommy have been very eager to teach me how to brush my teeth… there are times when we sing a song about brushing from one of those barney’s series (its a long song, i’ll just make a different post on that) or just practice some vocalizations like these… Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • eeeeeeyyy… (top and bottom front teeth showing)
  • aaaaaahhhh… (mouth open wide)
  • aeaeaeaeaeaehh… (tongue out!)

haha!  mommy is just making my brushing fun, i guess…

but last week, mommy let me brush my teeth all by myself!  (of course, she’s guiding me)

she put a very tiny pinch of tooth past on my tooth brush, gargle some water and then hit the vocalization chords… I AM NOW BRUSHING MY TEETH!

well… not perfectly but i’m still brushing it, right?  now, that is something… another milestone for me!

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